Llanelli wetlands species count

412 different species of animal and plant-life have been counted over the weekend at the National Wetland Centre Wales in Llanelli. Visitors were invited to take in the so-called BioBlitz survey.

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A chance to get up close to wetland wildlife

Our aim is, during this weekend, to give our visitors a chance to see and get close to a variety of wetland wildlife, out in the field, that would often be hidden from them. This includes small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, bats, water voles, moths and other insects as well as salt marsh creatures. The idea is that there will be an expert on hand to make identification as straightforward as possible.

– Dominic Carmichael, Learning Manager, WWT Wetland Centre, Llanelli


'BioBlitz' mission to record species in Llanelli

This weekend the WWT Wetlands Centre in Llanelli is offering all members and paying visitors the chance to find as many species as possible on a given site over a set time.

A number of timetabled walks have been arranged for all ages and abilities.

Other highlights include a chance to see some reptiles in tanks and a one-off opportunity to join a guided walk onto the salt marsh looking for crabs and and sea lavender.

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