Review into education in Wales

There need to be radical change in the way schools are run and organised according to a report which sets out the full extent of failures with the education system here in Wales.


NUT responds to Hill education review

Clearly this is a wide ranging and detailed report that will have major implications on the delivery of education in Wales. There are a number of recommendations that will directly and indirectly impact on the working conditions of our members and on the pupils they teach.

We will take time to examine the content of the report and make our representations to the Minister in due course as part of the consultation the Welsh Government will undertake.

No doubt there will be measures in the report that we can support. Where they exist we look forward to working constructively with the Welsh Government to ensure they are put into practice.

Where there are proposals that we believe will have a negative impact on the ability of teachers to do their jobs, and deliver the education standards required by students, we will be making that position equally clear.

– David Evans, NUT Cymru