Primary school IT skills 'high'

Education inspectorate Estyn has found that standards in computer skills are good or excellent in half of the primary schools visited in Wales.

Slow internet connection 'hinders ICT work'

by Tom Sheldrick

Estyn's report is broadly positive about the standard of ICT in Welsh primary schools, but also highlights that around half surveyed said a poor internet connection 'hinders their ICT work'.

This was mainly due to slow connections, which make it difficult for a whole class to search together online.

Among Estyn's recommendations in today's report is: "The Welsh Government should provide adequate broadband connectivity for all schools in Wales."

The Welsh Government says it is supporting 'a wide-ranging programme of activity' to improve ICT standards.

First Minister Carwyn Jones announced in January that £39m is being invested in broadband and network infrastructure for schools here.


ICT in schools 'empowering pupils'

ICT in schools is "empowering pupils" and "preparing them for the world of work."

That's the claim of Estyn's Maldwyn Pryse. It follows a report by the schools inspectorate which found that standards of computer skills in primary schools are good or excellent in half of the schools visited.

Computer skills help bridge the poverty gap

anonymous school children
Estyn report finds half of primary schools are performing well Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Estyn, the schools inspectorate, has published a report into standards of computer skills in primary schools. The report found that standards are good or excellent in half of the schools visited.

Inspectors say that in the majority of schools, good computer skills had a positive impact on reading and writing. They also say that computer lessons help children with creative and social abilities and can help reduce the poverty gap.

The report recommends introducing more computers, tablets and mobile phones in schools.