Cardiff tops 'polite driver' poll

Cardiff has the most polite city drivers in the UK, according to a new survey by an insurance company.

Cardiff drivers beat 15 other cities

Cardiff drivers beat 12 other cities to be named the most polite in the UK.

Here's how the other cities scored:

1) Cardiff 97%

2) Birmingham 96%

3) Sheffield 89%

4) Coventry 86%

5) Glasgow 85%

6) Nottingham 82%

7) Bradford 81%

8) Leicester 80%

9) Liverpool 76%

10) London 71.4%

11) Bristol 71.2%

12) Leeds 71%

12) Manchester 71%

12) Edinburgh 71%

13) Newcastle 62%

Cardiff tops 'polite driver' poll

Cardiff drivers are the politest in the UK Credit: Yui Mok/PA

Cardiff drivers are more likely to thank other road users, stop for pedestrians at crossings and give way to other drivers at junctions, according to a new survey.

The Welsh capital topped a poll for the politest big city drivers compiled by LV= car insurance.

Cardiff scored 97 per cent for politeness, with an average of 94 per cent of drivers stopping and waiting for a person to cross at a pedestrian crossing, compared with an average of 68 per cent across the other cities surveyed.

Drivers in Cardiff also beat the national average when it came to indicating at a roundabout when turning right, with 89 per cent doing so, compared to 76 per cent in other cities.