Health campaign 'pledge' launch

A new campaign encouraging people to make a pledge to change one thing to improve the health of their families is being launched to coincide with the new school year. The Change4Life 'Smart Restart' aims to promote healthier lifestyles.

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Family take 'screen switch' pledge

The Hill family are hoping to become more active by switching watching television for cycling Credit: Working Word

The Hill family from Cardiff will be swapping lounging in front of the television for cycling and walking after taking the 'Screen Switch' pledge part of the Change4Life campaign.

Son Connor, 11, used to spend up to five hours a night watching television but they now all hope to spend more time together as a family keeping fit.

Dad Matthew, 28, also plans to make the school run part of his commute to work by walking with the kids.


Tips and advice on keeping active

Change4Life Wales is a Welsh Government-supported campaign aiming to get people to "eat well, move more and live longer."

Families can sign up to receive free advice and tips on staying active and cutting back on unhealthy foods and treats.

Tips and idea include for families include:

  • getting a least an hour of activity - taking the stairs rather than the lift, going out for the day or going swimming
  • serve age-appropriate portions - a five-year-old child needs less than a 10 year old etc
  • sugar swaps - switch from regular snacks and treats to lower sugar alternatives

The site also gives advice for adults wanting to improve their lifestyle including:

  • swap bigger plates for smaller ones
  • fill up on fruit and veg
  • eat a little slower
  • focus on your food, rather than the TV
  • get a least 150minutes of activity a week
  • cut down on alcohol

Youngsters given healthy lunchbox challenge

Youngsters at Ysgol Pen Y Garth in Penarth have been learning about healthy foods at the campaign launch Credit: ITV News/Alexandra Lodge

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Chris Jones launched the 'Smart Restart' campaign at a primary school in Penarth this morning.

Children at a school holiday camp were challenged to create a healthy lunchbox out of a range of healthy and unhealthy foods to help them learn to make healthier choices.

Parents encouraged to make a 'Smart Restart'

Among the suggested pledges are swapping children's sweet treats for healthier alternatives. Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire.

A new campaign aimed at encouraging people to pledge to make one change relating to their families' health is being launched today.

The Change4Life 'Smart Restart' campaign aims to promote healthier lifestyles and basic changes in people's lives and is being launched to coincide with the start of the new school year.

People can sign up online at the Change4Life website and they will then get encouragement via email and free texts. Among the suggested pledges are:

  • Stretch your legs: swap some of your regular car or bus journeys for walking, scooting or cycling

  • Screen-time switch: tempt children away from TV and computer screens for 30minutes a day with fun game ideas

  • Beat the treats: swap children's sweet treats for healthier alternatives.

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