Super prison will be in Wrexham

The location for a new £250m super prison in North Wales has been announced. The jail, housing 2,000 inmates, will be built at the former Firestone factory site on Wrexham Industrial Estate. The UK Government says it will create up to 1,000 jobs.

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Plans set out for new £250m super prison in Wrexham

The site of a major new super prison has been anounced by the Ministry of Justice.

It will be based at the former Firestone site on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and will house 2,000 inmates.

It is also expected to create 1,000 jobs in the area, bringing in £23m a year to the local economy.

Work on the site is due to begin next summer and be completed in 2017.


Artists' impressions of Wrexham super prison

The Ministry of Justice has released these artists' impressions of the new super prison being built in Wrexham.

It says the images are indicative of what a new prison could look like, not necessarily final versions.

The jail will cost £250m, and aimed to be fully operational by 2017. Credit: Ministry of Justice
2,000 prisoners will be housed at the new jail - North Wales' first. Credit: Ministry of Justice
The UK government says it is creating 'modern, affordable' prisons. Credit: Ministry of Justice

Charity criticises plans for new super prison

The Howard League for Penal Reform has criticised the UK Government's announcement of a new 2,000-inmate super prison in Wrexham.

The charity says large jails have a range of problems.

The idea that big is beautiful with prisons is wrong. Not our words, but those of David Cameron before he became Prime Minister.

All evidence shows that larger jails find prisoners more difficult to control, drug abuse and violence are more prevalent and opportunities for education and training are limited in such crowded environments.

If the Government wants to spend £250m on boosting employment opportunities in North Wales, there are much better ways of doing that than building a huge jail.

– Frances Crook, Chief Executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform

First Minister: Prison will be 'significant to economy'

The First Minister says the new prison will "become a significant contributor to the Welsh economy."

Carwyn Jones also focused on the benefits of offenders being held closer to their homes.

The new, 2000-inmate, super prison will be North Wales' first ever jail.

Today’s announcement is a big boost for Wrexham and all of North Wales and will bring far reaching benefits to the region.

The new prison will create jobs and become a significant contributor to the Welsh economy.

The current arrangements whereby prisoners from North Wales have to serve their sentences in England are far from ideal. Not only does this mean that the relevant Welsh language provision is not in place for prisoners for whom Welsh is their first language, but their families have to travel great distances to visit them. This is not conducive to effective rehabilitation.

The Welsh Government has long supported seeing a prison built in North Wales and I am very pleased that the benefits of having a prison in Wrexham have been recognised by the UK Government.

We will work closely with the Ministry of Justice, Local Authorities in North Wales and other partners to ensure its success.

– Carwyn Jones, First Minister


Welsh Secretary: Prison will create up to 1,000 jobs

Welsh Secretary David Jones says the new super prison in Wrexham will create up to 1,000 jobs, provide a boost to local businesses, and also help in prisoner welfare and rehabilitation.

The case for a prison in north Wales has always been strong, which is why I am delighted that Wrexham has been selected as the preferred site for the newest addition to the prisons estate.

The construction of this much needed facility will bring with it considerable economic benefits for local businesses, and create up to 1,000 employment opportunities across the region.

It will facilitate the rehabilitation of offenders by making them more accessible to their families, legal advisers and the probation service, enabling a smoother transition back into the community.

It will also benefit prisoner welfare by allowing Welsh speakers more opportunity to speak the language in an environment where its cultural significance is understood.

– David Jones, Welsh Secretary

Work to build new prison due to begin next summer

The Welsh Government owns the Firestone site, where the prison will be built.

The Ministry of Justice says work to build the new super prison on the Wrexham Industrial Estate will begin next summer, pending approval.

A £250m investment has been secured, and the target is for the prison to be fully operational by late 2017.

In June, the UK Government announced that the £100m prison would be built in North Wales. London and the north west of England had previously been in the running for a new jail to house 2,000 inmates.

Wrexham Council put forward two sites, both on Wrexham Industrial Estate.

Privately-owned Kingmoor Park declared itself out of the running recently, leaving the Firestone site.

The Welsh Government owns the 108-acre site of the former Firestone factory. It was bought by the Welsh Development Agency in 1994.

UK Govt 'creating modern, affordable prisons'

The news of a new super prison in Wrexham has come alongside the announcement of four prisons in England being closed.

Blundeston in Suffolk, Dorchester in West Dorset, Northallerton in North Yorkshire and Reading prisons will close.

Feasibility work has also started on a second large prison to be constructed in the south east of England.

This is the latest part of our plan to modernise our prisons, bring down costs, but to make sure that by the next election we still have access to more prison places than we inherited in 2010.

I’m really pleased that we have reached agreement on the new prison in Wrexham. It will provide a real boost to the local economy in North Wales over the next few years, which is one key reason why the Chancellor has made sure we have the money for the project.

Work will begin on-site next summer with the prison fully operational by late 2017.

The new prison will provide up to 1,000 much-needed jobs, great opportunities for local businesses and millions of pounds worth of construction opportunities. It also provides North Wales with its first ever prison, offering an opportunity for offenders from the region to be closer to their homes.

Of course the reorganisation of our prison estate which we are undertaking means some difficult decisions – but we have to make sure that we have modern, affordable prisons that give the best opportunity for us to work with offenders to stop them committing more crimes when they leave.

– Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary

Wrexham super prison 'to boost economy'

The Welsh Secretary David Jones, First Minister Carwyn Jones and Wrexham Council have all welcomed the announcement that a new super prison will be built in Wrexham.

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