Gwent slavery inquiry

Police investigation alleged slavery offences in Gwent say their search of a site in Peterstone, Wentloog, should be completed this week. Three men have been charged with slavery offences.

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Slavery probe: appeal for letter writer to come forward

As a result of the publicity generated by the police activity I’m grateful to the people who have contacted us with information which is assisting our enquiry.

Importantly we’ve received a number of calls from individuals who may also be potential victims or important witnesses.

I’m urging those individuals, to contact the investigation team again by ringing our dedicated number 01633 647174 as we believe they may have more information which could be of assistance.

In addition I’m making a personal appeal to the author of an anonymous letter which was sent to a neighbouring Force some months ago to contact us.

The letter contains information which may be vital to this investigation and we need that person to contact us.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Griffiths, Gwent Police

Four held as police resume Marshfield body search

Gwent Police and specialist officers are continuing to examine a site in Marshfield, Newport as part of an inquiry into allegations of slavery and servitude.

More than 100 officers were involved in raids at Marshfield, a flat in Cardiff and a house Penhow, Monmouthshire, on Monday morning.

Four people remain in custody.

A police spokesperson said a man who is receiving medical care after being taken from the Marshfield site yesterday is now believed to be a Polish national.


Marshfield body search 'expected to last several days'

Specialist officers are investigating whether a body has been buried at a site in Marshfield, Newport Credit: Athena Picture Agency

Officers using specialist equipment are examining land around the Cariad Farm site in Marshfield, Newport.

The search - prompted by suspicion a body has been buried there - is expected to last for several days.

More than 100 police officers and staff took part in today's raids Credit: Athena Picture Agency

Discovery of man missing for 13 years prompted Marshfield raid

Gwent Police say the investigation was prompted by the discovery of a 43 year old man living at the Marshfield site who had been reported missing thirteen years ago.

A force spokesperson said evidence had suggested people were being kept in poor conditions at the Marshfield site and forced to work for no pay.

A man "of Eastern European origin", whose age is unknown, has been taken for medical treatment.

Since then a specialist team of detectives has been investigating and gathering intelligence to ascertain whether this part of a larger criminal conspiracy.

In addition to the suspected offences in relation to Slavery and Servitude, we are also acting on intelligence which suggests that the body of an unknown person may be buried at the Marshfield site.

As such specially trained officers, equipment and a forensic archaeologist have been deployed to investigate this.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Griffiths

Four arrested in slavery raids in Cardiff, Penhow and Marshfield

Four people have been arrested in a series of human trafficking raids across South Wales.

More than 100 police officers and staff took part in raids in Cardiff, Penhow in Monmouthshire and the Marshfield area of Newport.

The arrests include a 66-year-old man and a 44-year-old from the Marshfield area, along with a 36 year old man from Cardiff and a 42 year old woman from the Penhow area.


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