Fracking protest at Senedd

Campaigners gather outside the Senedd to call for a ban on shale gas extraction in Wales.

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Anti-fracking groups to gather at Senedd

Fracking has caused controversy in both here in Wales, and around the rest of the UK Credit: PA

Hundreds of campaigners are expected to gather outside the Senedd today to show their concerns against so-called 'fracking' in Wales.

'Fracking' is the term given to a technique used to release gas and oil from shale rock. It involves drilling down before fracturing layers of rock using a pressurised liquid.

Anti-fracking groups such say 'this is not an alternative energy source' and that "the money which is being in invested in ever more extremes of energy extraction should now go into clean energy'

The Welsh Government say given the challenges of the energy sector they understand there is a need to look at the potential of this type of energy resource. However, there is also a need to fully consider the impacts on communities and the environment.

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