Protest over head shave pupil

Hundreds of pupils at a school in Milford Haven held a protest against a classmate being removed from lessons, after he shaved his head to raise money for charity.

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Schoolboy says classmates' protest 'meant a lot' to him

More than 200 youngsters have walked out of a school in Pembrokeshire after a teenager was removed from lessons because he had his head shaved for charity.

Rhys Johnson wanted to raise money for cancer research after three relatives were diagnosed with the disease - but he and his mother were warned that the planned haircut would breach the school's rules on pupils' appearance.

Pupils chant in support of boy removed for shaved head

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Hundreds of pupils chanted support for classmate Rhys Johnson outside Milford Haven School this morning.

He was removed from lessons this week, after shaving his head for charity.

He wanted to raise money for cancer research after three relatives were diagnosed with the disease - but the school said it warned him of the consequence before he did it, and that its rules on uniform and appearance had to be consistently applied.


School: Head shave pupil was warned of consequences

Milford Haven School said Rhys Johnson and his mother "were informed of the consequences of breaking the uniform and appearance rules prior to doing so."

The school said: "to be fair to all pupils, rules must be consistently applied."

When the rules were broken an appropriate sanction was enforced, namely supervised study.

This was a short-term measure which was clearly communicated and a return to the pupil’s normal timetable would have been effective once he complied with the school’s ruling.

At Milford Haven School we believe it is important to maintain high standards in every aspect of school, life, including uniform and appearance.

The reason for such policies is that there is a clear link between maintaining high standards in school behaviour and academic achievement.

And to be fair to all our pupils, these rules must be consistently applied.

Pupils and parents are frequently reminded of this and the vast majority are fully supportive.

This issue has not arisen as a result of raising funds. It has arisen because of a clear breach of school rules.

Pupils at Milford Haven School are widely praised for the work they do together in raising funds for many charities. However, this work is carried out within the boundaries of the school rules.

– Milford Haven School spokesperson

School: Pupils' protest was 'disappointing'

Hundreds of pupils demonstrated outside the school this morning. Credit: Western Telegraph

Milford Haven School said this morning's demonstration by some pupils was "disappointing and ill-advised", but that "lessons for the vast majority of pupils continued as normal.”

Rhys Johnson's mother, Lucy O'Neill, told ITV News that he will be allowed back in lessons on Monday after being removed for a week.

Council: School 'acting appropriately' in removing boy

Pembrokeshire County Council has said Milford Haven School "is acting appropriately" in removing a schoolboy from lessons, after he shaved his head for charity, as school policy had been "disregarded."

School policy is set by a school’s Governing Body and implemented by the Headteacher and school staff.

When this policy is disregarded by a pupil – and in this instance the policy has been clearly communicated to the pupil concerned - the school is acting appropriately in enforcing its policy.

– Pembrokeshire County Council spokesperson

Protest after boy removed for shaving head for charity

Pupils protested outside Milford Haven School. Credit: Abigail Beck

Hundreds of pupils walked out of their school in Pembrokeshire this morning, to protest against a classmate being taken out of lessons after he shaved his head for charity.

Rhys Johnson, 14, was removed from lessons at Milford Haven School.

Rhys Johnson is raising money for cancer research. Credit: Athena Pictures


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