Mackay 'not asked to resign'

Malky Mackay has spoken for the first time about the recent turmoil at Cardiff City. He denied he has been asked to resign, and said the departure of head of recruitment Iain Moody was not due to a transfer budget overspend.

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Cardiff fans: Club should be saying sorry, not Mackay

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust has thanked manager Malky Mackay for his apology to fans this morning, after a recent period of uncertainty and speculation surrounding the club, but says "it is the club and its senior management who should be saying sorry."

The fans' group has reiterated its calls for more transparency at the club, with more information given to supporters.

We are grateful to Malky Mackay for apologising to fans for the debacle caused by the Iain Moody affair. But we don’t believe the manager himself has anything to apologise for. It is the club and its senior management who should be saying sorry.

This episode has damaged the reputation of Cardiff City. The club needs to remember that we the fans, as paying customers, deserve a lot better. You cannot imagine John Lewis, Marks & Spencer or any other major company treating their customers like this.

We need a new period of transparency at the club and that means providing regular information to fans. The club has to change its attitude to its supporters and end what often seems to be a bunker mentality. It needs to start talking in a meaningful way with supporter groups and fans.

We believe there should be an elected supporter representative on the board as there is at Swansea City where it works really well and where there is excellent dialogue between the club and its supporters.

– Tim Hartley, chair of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust


Malky Mackay apologises to Cardiff City fans

Malky Mackay began his press conference this morning by apologising to Cardiff City's fans.

He said: "I am really sorry for our fans for what they've been through over the last couple of weeks", and that he is "as disappointed as they are" at the recent uncertainty and speculation surrounding the the club.

He paid tribute to the work of former head of recruitment Iain Moody and said he wanted to clarify that "we absolutely were under budget this summer", and that an overspend was not the reason for his departure, as has been reported.

He also wanted to clarify "under no circumstances was I asked to resign and at no time have I thought of resigning from the football club."

Mackay: I have not been asked to resign by Cardiff

Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay has insisted that he has not been asked to resign, or himself considered resigning, during recent uncertainty at the club.

He also said the controversial departure of his head of recruitment was not down to a transfer budget overspend.

Mackay's press conference this morning ahead of tomorrow's game against Chelsea was the first time he has spoken about the issue, after trusted lieutenant Iain Moody was replaced with 23-year-old Kazakhstani Alisher Apsalyamov, thought to be a friend of Cardiff owner Vincent Tan's son.

Moody was Mackay's right-hand-man, brought with him to Cardiff from Watford in 2011. Credit: PA

Mackay said: "Iain is an absolute class act as far as I am concerned. He has done a very impressive job for the football club. In one of the periods of success at the football club, he has had a huge part to play in the restructuring of my squad."

"He helped bring in more than 20-odd players and he is someone who had a huge part to play in the current success, who will be missed by everyone who works for out football club. He leaves with my utmost gratitude and respect. I would say our loss will be someone's huge gain."

"One thing I would clarify, as I have read a few things over the past couple of weeks, is that we were absolutely under budget this summer. I want to clarify that. That is what I have to say about Iain."

"As far as I am concerned, again for clarification, under no circumstances was I asked to resign and at no time have I thought of resigning from the football club."

He then refused to answer any other questions on the subject.

Cardiff City's Supporters' Trust "dissappointed" by club

Cardiff City's Supporter's Trust have issued a statement, responding to the statement issued by the club in the wake of yesterday's board meeting.

Keith Morgan, a member of the board of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, said:

We are disappointed that the statement contains no reference to fans, no consideration of putting an elected supporter representative on the board and also the issues which caused the upheaval at the club have not been addressed in the statement. We believe that far greater dialogue between the club owner and senior management and the supporters of the Bluebirds is vitally necessary in the future.We note that interest paid of £5.8m has been written off by Mr Tan which is good news for the club's future and makes reference to interest free loans.

But we are puzzled that the statement contains no reference to Mr Tan converting the debt, which has been built up, into shares.

Further clarification is needed from the club’s owner on this matter.We once again reiterate our full support for Malky Mackay and hope heleads the Bluebirds to even greater success in the Premier League.”

– Keith Morgan, Cardiff City Supporters' Trust

Cardiff City Board of Directors to be restructured

The Board of Directors for Cardiff City will be restructured, according to a statement released by the club today.

It follows speculation over the future of Malky Mackay's position with the club, and calls from the Cardiff City Supporter's Club for more transparency in decisions made.

The restructure will include a number of new committees, including a special committee for the expansion of Cardiff City Stadium and a Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee to help the Manager deal with player purchases and sales.


Cardiff fans back Mackay after club talks

Cardiff City Supporters' Trust have reiterated their support for manager Malky Mackay.

It comes after Malky's future with the club was discussed yesterday.

In a statement today, Cardiff fans said: "Despite yesterday's board meeting supporters are still concerned about the long term future of our manager. There is confusion over the departure of Iain Moody with Malky Mackay's agent now stating that he will make a statement if the club remains silent.

The group also calls for a 'full explanation' about what happened in yesterday's meeting.

They added: "We reiterate our support for Malky Mackay who has been one of the best managers in the club’s history."

Cardiff City row: Vincent Tan backs Malky Mackay

Cardiff City have issued a statement in which club owner Vincent Tan pledges support to manager Malky Mackay.

The club has faced criticism in recent days with the departure of head of recruitment Iain Moody, with a 23-year-old work experience student being put in charge of transfers instead.

Iain is leaving the club with our thanks for his contribution.

In the interim period, Alisher Apsalyamov has been appointed as Acting Head of Recruitment, focussing on gathering data on individual players. Ultimate recruitment decisions of course remain the domain of the manager and majority shareholder.

Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the Board and the staff at the club are fully committed to the future success of the team and hold a strong desire to compete in the best league in the world.

“I have every faith in Malky and his team to lead us through the challenges of the Premier League. I have supported him in the past and will do so in the future for many years to come" said Vincent Tan.

“I would say to all Cardiff City fans and everyone connected to the club, let us look forward to the future and remain united in our support of the team.”

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