Charlotte Church slams 'sexist' music industry

Cardiff-born classical singer Charlotte Church has criticised the 'sexist' music industry in a speech to radio executives which she says is promoting 'child-like' sex objects

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Welsh MP praises Charlotte Church's attack on music industry

The MP for Rhondda took to twitter to call her speech "spot on". Elsewhere there was mixed reaction

Charlotte Church hits out at 'pop sexism'

The classical singer found fame at eleven years old Credit: Dave Jones/PA Images

Cardiff singer Charlotte Church has attacked the 'juvenile' music industry for having a 'culture of demeaning women'.

Speaking during the BBC 6 Music's annual John Peel lecture, Church, 27, said women were being "coerced" into sexual roles to cling on to their careers.

In the keynote lecture, she backed calls for an age-ratings system for near-the-knuckle music videos and said radio executives needed to shoulder more responsibility.

Church, who found success in her early teens, said how she faced considerable pressure to promote her music in revealing outfits and warned younger stars who succumb to the pressure to sell their sexuality:

"Now I find it difficult to promote my music in the places where it would be best suited because of my 'history'. But at the time it was the option presented to me."


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