Treasure found in Cardiff moat

A selection of items dating back to the 1500s have been dug up in the Cardiff Castle moat. Archaeologists believe the discovery will help to fill in the gaps of the Cardiff's history.

Discovered castle treasure hopes to fill in history gap

Archaeologists who unearthed artefacts dating back to the 16th century say the discovery will help to understand Cardiff's history.

The historic items including a tobacco pipe and sword sheath were found during the excavation of the Mill leat moat around Cardiff Castle.

The Mill Leat has been a watercourse since at least the medieval period, and is thought to have powered a watermill located close to the west gate of the castle, however remarkably little is known about the history of this part of Cardiff in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

To find such a quantity of artefacts is remarkable, particularly given the range of materials recovered, and will shed significant light on life in Cardiff in the early modern period.

– Dr Amelia Pannett of Archaeology Wales

16th Century treasure unearthed in Cardiff Castle moat

archeologists excavating mill leat moat
The moat around Cardiff Castle was emptied in 1970 Credit: Cardiff Council

Artefacts dating back to the 16th and 17th century have been discovered in the surrounds of Cardiff Castle.

Historic items including a sword sheath and a tobacco pipe have been found during the excavation of the Mill Leat moat, which surrounds Cardiff Castle and Bute Park.

Archaeologists say the treasure could have belonged to the residents living in the castle during the 1500s.

A £3.1 million restoration of Bute Park will see water restored to the moat after it was emptied in 1970.