Super-strong alcohol crackdown

At the beginning of Alcohol Awareness Week, North Wales Police are launching a campaign against the sale of super strength alcohol in Wrexham.

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North Wales Police stamp out cheap strong alcohol

A single 500ml can of nine per cent lager contains four and a half units of alcohol, more than the recommended amount Credit: PA

North Wales Police are calling for supermarkets and off licences in Wrexham to stop selling cheap high-strength alcohol.

Their Stamp Out The Strength campaign aims to reduce the dangers and anti-social behaviour caused by cheap beers, ciders and lagers that are over 6.5% proof.

Supermarkets and local shops around the town are supporting the campaign which is being launched in line with Alcohol Awareness Week.

Similar schemes that have been run across the UK have seen a reduction in street crime and alcohol-related incidences.


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