Grieving families call for support

A mother whose son was killed in Afganistan is criticising the Ministry of Defence. She claims it's not giving bereaved families enough support

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  1. Nicola Hendy

Mother of soldier calls for better bereavement support

The mother of a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan has criticised the support that the Ministry of Defence gives to bereaved families.

Sarah Adams' son James Prosser died in 2009, and, in a near unprecedented move, the MOD allowed her to visit Camp Bastion.

Sarah was asked to make recommendations on the support given to bereaved families. But she says that more than a year on, her suggestions have been ignored.

Welsh mum says the MoD can do more to help bereaved families

The Ministry of Defence should be doing more to help bereaved families, according to mother Sarah Adams from Cwmbran.

Her son, Private James Prosser, was killed in Afghanistan in 2009 and ever since, she's been lobbying to improve the support given to other frontline troops and their families.

Last year, Sarah was secretly flown on an 'envoy' mission to Camp Bastion, to see where James died.

Whilst there she was asked to give recommendations on how the MoD could improve their support services.

But a year after compiling her report, she says it has been totally ignored.

On the first anniversary of her trip, Sarah said,

"There is no doubt in my mind that British troops and their families have been betrayed by this government."

"They asked for my help but haven't listened to what I've said."

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence said,

"Ours thoughts remain with the family and friends of Private James Prosser. We are committed to giving the families of service personnel all the support they need.

Mrs Adams assisted us in looking at how we can increase the support to bereaved families and we are very grateful for her assistance with this difficult subject."


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