Family: Drink-driving ruins lives

An anti-drink-driving campaign by North Wales Police is being supported by the family of 21-year-old Kieran Lea Arnold, who was killed by a drunk driver in June this year.

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Emergency workers: You think 'am I able to save you?'

Over the next few weeks, thousands of motorists across Wales are likely to be stopped in spot-checks as police crack down on drink-driving.

It comes as figures show Wales' drinking culture costs every household £900 a year.

Today at Llandudno, Wales' four police forces launched their Christmas campaigns on drink-driving - and we spoke to some of the emergency workers working on the front line.

One ambulance worker told ITV News: "We're the ones who have to go into that car, look at that person injured in front of us, and think: Am I going to be able to save you?"


Video: Family backs police anti-drink-drive campaign

Relatives of 21-year-old Kieran Lea Arnold, who was killed by a drink-driver in June, have worked with North Wales Police to produce this campaign video ahead of Christmas.

Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard said: “To lose a child must be one of the hardest things a parent can face and I would like to thank Kieran’s family for assisting us with this year’s campaign.

"Please don’t drink and drive. Think about the consequences. You could face losing your licence and your job, face imprisonment and, much worse, have to live with the guilt of taking a life for the rest of yours. Don’t take the risk.”

Mother of drink-drive victim: Our loss is a life sentence

Kieran Lea Arnold was described as a 'popular, gentle giant' Credit: Family / North Wales Police

The mother of 21-year-old Kieran Lea Arnold, who was killed by a drink-driver in June, has spoken of her family's loss in a short film created by North Wales police.

In the video, Donna Lea says: "Drink-driving ruins people’s lives. It is total devastation for our family, who now have been given a life sentence of living without our son, brother and grandson."

Police launch campaign to stop festive drink-driving

All four of Wales' police forces will carry out roadside checks during the Christmas period Credit: PA

North Wales Police has launched its campaign to tackle the increased amount of drink-drivers at Christmas time.

Thousands of motorists face being stopped over the next few weeks as teams from all four Welsh forces conduct roadside checks across the country.

During Christmas last year, 500 people in Wales were caught driving over the legal limit and over 35,400 breath tests were carried out.

The North Wales campaign is being supported by the family of Kieran Lea Arnold, from Cymau, near Wrexham, who was killed by a drunk driver in June this year.

Kieran's family have spoken of the pain of losing their 'popular, gentle giant' to a drunk driver, and have helped put together a short film on the effects of getting behind the wheel when over the limit.

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