Bin bag collection cutback

Swansea cabinet members have unanimously supported plans to restrict the amount of bags of rubbish people can throw out.

Swansea Council: Rubbish fines last resort

A Swansea Council cabinet member says residents will only face a fine as a last resort and that the restriction on rubbish bags is to encourage people to recycle more.

We want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by encouraging people to recycle more. We have a wide range of popular recycling services available for residents and the latest research shows that almost three quarters of people now put out two or less black bags.

We now want to go a step further by encouraging more people to reduce their black bag waste by limiting the amount of black bags that we'll collect.

However, we'll be working with residents to introduce these changes over time and we'll also take account of people's circumstances such as the size of their family and any obstacles to recycling. By reducing the amount of landfill we can improve the environment and reduce the cost of waste disposal for tax-payers.

– June Burtonshaw, Swansea Council cabinet member

Swansea Council to restrict rubbish bag collections

bags of rubbish
The new restrictions will come into force in April next year Credit: PA

Swansea residents will be allowed to put out only three bags of rubbish per fortnightly collection as of next April.

Under new plans by Swansea Council, residents will have to reduce their rubbish or face a fine.

The limit of black bag waste in has been put in place in order to increase recycling, reduce landfill and reach recycling targets.

A recent survey found that 74% of people in Swansea put out two bags or less of waste every fortnight.

Similar plans have been set out by Monmouthshire and Carmarthenshire council.