Firefighters across Wales strike over pensions

Firefighters across Wales walked out for two hours this morning in a row over their pensions.

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Firefighters across Wales end two hour morning strike

Firefighters continue to strike over pension rows

Today's strike is the third this week Credit: PA

Firefighters across Wales are walking out again this morning as part of their ongoing row with the UK Government over pensions.

Members of the Fire Brigade Union will walk out for two hours at 6.30am.

Fire services are reminding people to be careful at home during these hours.


Fire brigades continue with industrial action

New plans will see firefighters paying an extra £20 a month towards their pensions Credit: PA

Firefighters across Wales will strike once again today in the row over pensions, the third time in the last week.

Fire services are reminding people to be careful at home during the hours of the industrial action.

This will be the ninth time firefighters have walked out since September. Specially trained auxiliary firefighters will step in between 18:30 and 00:30 to respond to emergency calls.

Firefighters end Christmas eve strike

Members of the FBU in Wales were on strike for 5 hours last night Credit: PA

Members of the Fire Brigades Union in Wales and England held a further strike last night in a dispute over pensions.

The strike lasted for five hours, from 7pm until midnight, and further action is scheduled for New Years eve .

Throughout the period of strike action Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service was operating at around 80% availability.

Meanwhile Chief Fire Officer, Simon Smith at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service says, "there was obviously a reduction in the resources that we had at our disposal, however, our business continuity plans were put into operation effectively "


FBU: Government could end strikes today

The Fire Brigades Union say they will continue to strike until an agreement can be reached with the Government. Firefighters have been striking in rows over changes to their pensions since September.

Firefighters provide a first-class standard of service 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and these strikes will remind government just how reliant they are on our members' professionalism, commitment and flexibility.

However, there should be no need for industrial action, and it's absurd that firefighters' concerns over pensions have not been addressed already.

The government must stop claiming they are negotiating when they have refused to talk for two months and insist on forcing through proposals that are unaffordable, unworkable and unfair.

By simply conceding common sense and allowing firefighters a fair deal, the government could end this industrial action today.

– Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary

Firefighters to strike over festive period

Firefighters will have to pay more towards their pensions as of April 2014 Credit: PA

Firefighters across Wales will walk out today in rows over their pensions. The Fire Brigades Union will picket outside fire stations from 19:00 to midnight.

This marks the seventh strike since September with a further two planned for Tuesday the 31st of December and Friday the 3rd of January.

The Welsh Government say it's, "working closely with three Fire Rescue Authorities in Wales, the UK government and the other devolved governments to ensure preparations have been made deal with any impact the dispute may have."

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