Campaign supports new laws on organ donation

The New Year will see the start of a new creative campaign in support of the new soft opt out organ donation legislation in Wales. It comes in to force in December 2015.

Campaign hopes to recruit more organ donors

A new campaign is being launched today to raise awareness of the new laws on organ donation, that come into force in December 2015.

It's hoped it will encourage more people to sign up to the scheme.

In Wales, over 250 lives are 'on a clock' waiting for an organ donor, living in the hope that time does not run out for them and a donor is found. We are changing the law on organ donation in Wales to help people on the donor waiting list by increasing the number of organs available for transplant.

Today we are starting a simple yet very powerful campaign which will develop over the two years right up to and beyond the implementation date of the legislation on 1st December 2015.

– Mark Drakeford, Welsh Government Health Minister

Campaign supports new organ donation laws

The campaign hopes to educate people about changes to organ donation Credit: PA

People in Wales are being urged to become organ donors before it's too late, as part of a new campaign, called 'It's About Time'.

Today sees the start of the campaign, which hopes to educate more people about the new legislation on organ donation, which comes in to force in December 2015.

Under the new 'soft opt-out' system, an individual will be able to be a donor either by registering a decision to opt-in, or by doing nothing at all. By doing nothing it will be assumed that you have no objection to being a donor.

Individuals can still choose not to be a donor under the new system, by registering a decision to opt-out.

In 2012, thirty five people died in Wales waiting for an organ donation. This is said to be the inspiration behind the new campaign.

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