Ten people rescued after wave hits bus in Pembrokeshire

10 people had to be rescued from a bus over the weekend, after it was hit by a large wave in Pembrokeshire. There were no injuries reported.

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Flood risk returns to Wales as warnings issued

February begins with more stormy weather as yet another deep depression brings very unsettled weather to Wales. It comes just a few weeks after much of the Welsh coastline took a battering from previous storms.

A number of factors are set to combine to bring a flood risk that could match the flood damage caused by January's big storm. Saturday sees large spring tides which are set to peak after 8am.

Aberystwyth's seafront has suffered significant damage from recent bad weather

The depression approaching Northern Ireland is expected to add to these spring tides with an additional Atlantic surge. Added to this is the strong gusty winds that will drive large waves onshore adding to the risk that seawater will breach already weakened or damaged flood defences.

Flood risks could be increased further as Friday's rain makes it's way to the sea on river systems meeting the incoming tide.

Natural Resources Wales say this combination of factors will lead to flood warnings, the second level of alert, being issued for all coastal areas of Wales on Saturday.

Aberystwyth students leave as high tides forecast

Tides are expected to peak tomorrow morning and evening. Credit: PA

Aberystwyth University has cancelled all teaching activities today and again on Monday, as more high tides and strong winds are forecast.

The University has warned students that the new band of stormy weather is likely to make the Promenade area a 'hazardous place' this weekend.

Seafront University Residences will close at 4pm today and students have been asked to inform the University of their planned whereabouts over the weekend.


Aberystwyth storm damage will cost at least £1.5m

Debris strewn across the promenade in Aberystwyth Credit: Dean Thomas/ITV News

The clear-up and repair costs in Aberystwyth after recent storms are expected to exceed £1.5 million, according to Ceredigion County Council.

"The final figure could well exceed this estimated sum", a spokesperson added.

Cambrian Coast railway won't fully re-open until May

The Cambrian Coast railway line might boast some pretty spectacular scenery, but its a view that's likely to be off limits for quite sometime.

Recents storms and flooding washed part of the line away, and it could be well into Spring - the latest estimate is May - before it fully opens again.

For the people and businesses along the route - that's a long wait.

Rob Shelley reports


Network Rail: Cambrian Coast line has suffered 'unprecedented damage'

Stranded trains were transported by road last week Credit: Twitter / @johnski71

Network Rail says it will have to take "a phased approach" to reopening the Cambrian Coast line.

The line is expected to reopen as far as Barmouth by February, but the stretch from Barmouth to Pwllheli will not be fully repaired until May.

"This has been an extremely challenging period, but the rebuilding operation is underway and our priority is to safely re-open the railway as soon as is possible" says Network Rail's Mark Langman.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the on-going inconvenience and also thank rail passengers for their patience as we repair this unprecedented damage.”

Cambrian Coast railway will not fully reopen until May

Debris strewn over the track at Llanaber, near Barmouth Credit: Network Rail

Repairs to the Cambrian Coast railway will take months, say Network Rail.

The line is closed between Dovey Junction and Pwllheli after recent storms left debris strewn across the tracks.

Engineers intend to have the route open by mid-May.

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