Charity calls for tree planting to fight flooding

Charity Coed Cadw - the Woodland Trust - is calling for 10 million trees to be planted over the next five years in Wales, which it says will protect thousands of homes from flooding.

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Welsh Govt: 'committed to tree planting'

The Welsh Government says it is "absolutely committed to supporting and funding tree planting" in Wales.

We are absolutely committed to supporting and funding tree planting in Wales and we are confident that uptake of the woodland creation element in our Glastir Woodlands Scheme will continue to increase in the next Rural Development Programme period.

We are currently consulting on the future of our agri-environment schemes and on the final proposal for the Wales Rural Development Programme.

We worked closely with the Woodland Trust in drafting proposals for this consultation to ensure that their views were reflected and are very grateful for their contribution.

– Welsh Government spokesperson


Charity wants 10 million trees planted to cut flooding

Flooding has been a major problem across Wales after the recent stormy weather. Credit: Viewer's picture / Megan Davies

Coed Cadw (The Woodland Trust) is calling on the Welsh Assembly for 10 million trees to be planted over the next five years to reduce the risk of flooding in Wales.

Thousands of homes across the country have been affected by flooding after the recent stormy weather, with rivers bursting their banks and many people having to be evacuated from their homes as a result.

The charity says planting the trees will create hedges and tree belts which will help soak up the rainfall. However, some experts say that it would not have enough of an impact and that other methods should be looked at.

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