Report: How business can boost Welsh language

A report published by the Welsh Government recommends ways businesses can help get more people speaking Welsh.

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Could dot-cymru replace dot-com in Wales?

A mobile that predicts Welsh text messages. Credit: PA

A report published today by the Welsh Government recommends 27 ways that Welsh can boost business.

The report examined how the use of the language and bilingualism could support business growth and economic development and how economic development could raise the use of Welsh.

Among it's recommendations are that businesses be encouraged to use the “.cymru” internet domain suffix if the opportunity arises.

It also says an on-line networks in Welsh could maintain contact with Welsh speakers who leave Wales to study or for work and these networks will encourage experienced Welsh speakers to return to Wales.

Wales should also learn from the experience and good practice in other bilingual communities such as the Basque country, Quebec, and Catalunya says the working group who compiled the report.

Research should be also be undertaken to examine the effect of improving road and rail communications between strong Welsh speaking areas and main employment centres and public sector contracts should require tenderers to demonstrate an ability to provide a bilingual service.

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