Cardiff waste plant fire could 'last days' warning

Fire chiefs say a blaze at a waste plant at Wentloog could burn for days and a cordon will remain in place.

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Over 180 personnel involved in tackling Wentloog fire

Teams from South Wales Fire and Rescue have been working to contain a fire at Wentloog, in Cardiff, for over 31 hours. During the operation, around 189 firefighters and officers have been involved.

Crews continuing to damp down waste plant fire

Firefighters from South Wales Fire and Rescue are continuing to tackle a blaze at a recycling plant in Cardiff. It's thought the fire could last for several days. Residents near the fire at Wentloog are being urged to keep windows and doors shut as smoke continues to drift across the area.


Cardiff blaze to burn "for days" say fire service

The blaze covers five acres at Wentloog and will burn "for days". Credit: Wales News Service

A waste plant blaze on the edge of Cardiff will burn for days say fire chiefs and advise local residents to keep their windows closed. A road cordon, currently in place, will also remain in place.

South Wales Fire and Rescue say the blaze at Atlantic Recycling in Wentloog was well alight and "rapidly expanding" as they arrived at the scene at 2am this morning.

"The fire has affected a five acre site which includes a two storey building, heavy plant machinery and recycled materials."

Up to 70 firefighters and 20 fire appliances have been at the scene and crews are still working to extinguish the fire.

The emergency services say they are aiming to minimise disruption to the local community and local businesses.

However they anticipate that the fire will burn for a number of days "not hours" and the current outer cordon will remain in place for that time.

Local residents have been advised to keep windows closed. Credit: Wales News Service

A plume of smoke is drifting across the area but is not considered to be hazardous to health. Residents in the area however are advised to keep their windows and doors shut as a precautionary measure.

Around 70 firefighters have been trying to bring the blaze under control. Credit: Wales News Service

Gareth O'Shea from Natural Resources Wales says, “the priority at the moment is for the fire and rescue service to extinguish the fire. Our officers are at the scene advising the firefighters about the nature of the waste on the site so they can determine the best way to tackle the blaze”.

Cardiff waste blaze is not toxic say police

The fire on the outskirts of Cardiff covers five acres say police. Credit: ITV Wales

South Wales Police say a fire that broke out this morning at a waste recycling plant on the outskirts of Cardiff is not toxic.

The blaze began at around 2am on Friday morning at Atlantic Waste Management site at Rumney and covers five acres. Newton Road remains closed.

"A ploom of smoke has formed as a result of the blaze however, the public are advised that its content is not hazardous to health," say police.

The cause of the fire is as yet unknown and enquiries are ongoing at the scene.


More equipment ordered to tackle fire

More equipment's being drafted in to tackle a large fire at a recycling centre on the outskirts of Cardiff.

The alert was sounded at around 1:30 this morning. Around 60 firefighters are at the scene.

The fire involves several industrial units, vehicles, and large quantities of refuse. A high volume pump has been called to use water from nearby reens and ponds.

Police: 'cause of fire not established'

South Wales Police:

'At 0155 hours on Friday 28th March 2014 Police and South Wales Fire and Rescue Service attended a report of a fire at the Atlantic Waste Management site, Rumney, Cardiff.'

'The fire currently extends over a five acre site and a two hundred metre exclusion zone has been implemented due to the presence of gas canisters within the site. Newton Road is currently closed. The cause of the fire has not yet been established.'

Large fire East of Cardiff

Around 60 firefighters are tackling a blaze at a recycling centre on the outskirts of Cardiff.

They were called out at around 1:30 this morning to a recycling firm on Newton Road, Rumney. The fire involves several industrial units and large quantities of refuse.

It's being described as a "protracted incident"

Large fire on the outskirts of Cardiff

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