Multi-million pound plans to regenerate former Corus site

Plans to transform the former Corus site on Deeside in Flintshire have been approved by councillors.

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Corus regeneration will bring "significant benefits"

Plans to regenerate the old Corus site on Deeside will bring about a "series of significant benefits", according to Flintshire Council's Head of Planning.

Andrew Farrow expects the scheme to bring over 4,000 permanent and temporary jobs to the area:

"The proposed development has the potential to bring about a series of significant benefits in terms of housing provision, employment opportunities and community infrastructure...It is expected that the scheme will deliver 2,800 temporary construction jobs and 2,169 permanent jobs. It will deliver a range of housing type to meet local needs and consequentially there will be additional demand for local services supporting local regeneration."

– Andrew Farrow, Flintshire Council

The multi-million pound plans to build 600 houses, a hotel and a shopping centre will be decided upon in a meeting today.


Decision due on plans to regenerate Corus site

It's expected the scheme will deliver over 2000 permanent jobs. Credit: ITV Wales

A meeting will take place later to decide whether to push ahead with multi-million pound plans to regenerate the old Corus site on Deeside.

The plans include building 600 houses over a twelve year period, a business and technology park, hotel and a shopping centre. Over 2000 jobs would be created.

Other features of the development include a parkland, footpaths, cyclepaths and improved flood defences.

Opponents to the plans have raised concerns over privacy issues and increased traffic to the area.

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