Two instructors cleared of speed boat accident

Two sailing instructors have been cleared of speeding and failing to keep a proper lookout after a speed boat accident in 2010. Elleni Morus and Nia Jones were both 17 at the time of the accident which left an 11-year-old girl brain damaged.

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Sailing instructors acquitted of speed boat accident

Elleni Morus (left) and Nia Jones both denied offences under the Merchant Shipping Act Credit: Wales News Service

Two sailing instructors involved in a speed boat accident that left an 11-year-old girl with brain damaged, have been acquitted of speeding and failing to keep a proper lookout.

A group of 24 girls aged between 10 and 14 were on a sailing week when the incident happened. The organisers of the sailing course, Nicholas Sawyer and Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, previously admitted offences in connection with the accident and breaking Health and Safety regulations.


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