How vain is your man? The rise of male grooming in Wales

Recent research shows that male grooming has become the fastest growing sector for hair and beauty salons, with Welsh men topping the charts for tanning treatments.

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Male grooming: facts and figures

Here are a few facts and figures about male grooming:

  • the average man spends six minutes longer to get ready than the average woman
  • the average man will spend £75,000 on their appearance over their lifetime
  • 42 per cent of men admit to using moisturiser
  • 75 per cent of men believe maintaining a well-groomed appearance is a sign of self-respect


Male grooming on the rise: Welsh men top fake-tanners

A close shave is no longer top of the list when it comes to male grooming Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

Welsh men are no longer drawing the line at a close shave when it comes to personal grooming. According to recent research, almost a fifth of salon customers are now men seeking services from manicures to facials and waxing to fake tan.

A survey from Salon Services UK, found that Welsh men are the UK's top fake tanners, opting for fortnightly visits to salons to keep their skin glowing.

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