Welsh councils generate £8.7m profit from car parks

Wales's 22 local authorities made more than £8million profit from their car parks in 2012/13. Cardiff had the highest surplus with £2.6million, with Swansea's car parks bringing in £1.3million and Gwynedd's £800,000.

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Councils 'reviewing charging policies' says WLGA

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) says councils are working with communities to identify what services should be prioritised and how they should be funded.

Councils have been reviewing all charging policies as a result of continued austerity measures. Welsh councils are facing a combined £280million funding gap in this financial year, and everything is being done to protect local facilities and services.

A recent report by the Asphalt Association highlights the growing repair bill for maintenance of the highways network in Wales. The report estimates that while councils repaired around 148,000 potholes in 2013 alone, at a cost of about £7.5m, a combination of heavy rain and storm conditions has left Wales facing a £440m bill for future repairs.

– WLGA spokesman


£8.7m profit for Welsh councils from car parks

Wales's car parks generated £8.7million for councils in the financial year 2012/13 Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Welsh local authorities made more than £8million in profit from their car parks in 2012/13, according to the RAC Foundation.

The organisation has published figures that show Cardiff Council had the biggest surplus at £2.6million.

Swansea Council's car parks raised £1.3million in profit and Gwynedd's made £800,000.

The numbers came from the official accounts that councils are legally obliged to provide to the Welsh Government each year.

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