Bride's wedding day shopping trip

A newlywed from Cwmbran's trip to the supermarket on her wedding day has gone viral. She was filmed buying drinks for her wedding party - still wearing her dress!

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Bride heads to shops in her dress for wedding drinks

A newlywed from Cwmbran's visit to a supermarket has gone viral on social media after she was filmed shopping for wedding party drinks - in her wedding dress!

Naming herself as Anna she says: "I got married today at half past one at Pontypool register office...[I'm] in my wedding dress, buying booze for a party!"

The person who filmed the video, Ben Black said: "I was picking up some sweet potatoes in the vegetable aisle at 7.50pm and did a double take as I spotted a white dress out of the corner of my eye.

"Staff and shoppers around me were smiling as she headed down the aisles."


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