Cardiff woman bailed after two years in Caribbean prison

Nicole Reyes, the mother-of-two from Cardiff sentenced to 12 years in prison for the murder of her husband in the Dominican Republic, is back in Wales after being released on bail.

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Cardiff woman speaks of 'hellish experience' in jail

A woman from Cardiff who was sentenced to 12 years behind bars in the Dominican Republic for killing her husband has spoken of her "hellish experience." Nicole Reyes has given her first television interview to ITV News since returning home on Saturday.

She is now reunited with her family after they paid for her bail. Nicole says the crash that killed her husband was an accident and that she even contemplated suicide whilst in jail. Richard Morgan has been hearing her story.


Foreign Office statement follows Reyes release

The Foreign Office has released a statement following the release of Nicole Reyes from prison in the Domincan Republic.

The 38-year-old from Rumney in Cardiff has returned home after her family paid bail.

She was sentenced to 12 years in prison in July 2012 for the murder of her husband on the Caribbean island.

"We are aware that a British National has been released from prison in the Dominican Republic pending a further appeal. We continue to provide consular assistance."

– Foreign Office spokeswoman

Nicole Reyes returns home after being released on bail

Nicole Reyes was accused of killer her husband Jorge in July 2012. Credit: ITV Wales

Nicole Reyes, the woman who was jailed in the Dominican Republic for killing her husband, is back home in Wales after her family bought her out of prison.

The thirty-eight-year old was given a 12 year sentence in February for the homicide of her husband of her husband Jorge in a road accident.

She was accused of deliberately running him over in an SUV as he rode beside her on a motorbike - but has always claimed she accidentally hit him trying to swerve out the way of other people in the road.

She is now back at her home in Cardiff after spending the past two years in a cell on the Caribbean island.

"We scraped bail money together...we handed it over and waited...We waited for news and then finally heard that Nicole was free...We are all walking around dazed, it feels like a miracle." - Jeannette Clements, Nicole's mum.

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