Wales makes progress to prevent E.coli outbreaks

Wales is getting better at taking steps to prevent deadly outbreaks of E.coli. An independent report out today said local authorities had made significant improvements.

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Wales makes progress in preventing E.coli outbreaks

Good hygiene can prevent the spread of the bacteria Credit: PA

Key recommendations designed to prevent another E.coli outbreak in Wales have been adopted by Welsh councils.

An independent report, published today, looks into what progress has been made, following the Pennington Inquiry into an outbreak of the bacteria in South Wales in 2005.

The report found that the majority of Welsh councils had made good progress, and that the introduction of the food hygiene rating scheme in 2011 had had a positive effect.

"Local authorities have a very important role to play in helping to ensure food safety and to protect consumers from food fraud. I welcome the findings of the FSA's report - it is comprehensive and transparent and it identifies areas of work where good progress has been made and where further improvements are necessary."

"The introduction of a statutory food hygiene ratings Scheme in Wales has led to significant improvements in the proportion of food businesses which are broadly compliant with hygiene law."

– Mark Drakeford, Health Minister for Wales
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