Rising living costs 'leave thousands struggling'

Rising living costs are leaving thousands of Welsh families struggling to cope financially, according to new research published today.

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Food, petrol and energy are all essentials for living - and now lots of people in Wales say they're struggling to pay for them.

According to Shelter Cymru and Citizens Advice Bureau thousands of families are finding it hard to cope.

Megan Boot has been speaking to one woman from Penarth who says it's only a matter of time before she has to choose between eating and heating.

70% of Welsh people worried about rising living costs

37% of people asked in Wales say they're cutting back on groceries to make ends meet Credit: PA

Rising living costs are leaving thousands of Welsh families struggling to cope financially, with many cutting back on food and heating to try to make ends meet. That's according to new research published today by Citizens Advice Cymru and Shelter Cymru.

The figures reveal that 70% of Welsh adults are worried about the rising cost of living, and more than half struggle to keep up with bills and credit commitments.

Food, petrol and energy costs were particular concerns, with 48% of people admitting they were cutting back on gas and electricity.

The research also found thousands of households have no safety net, with 25% of those in employment saying they would not be able to pay their rent or mortgage at all if they lost their job.

In last year's survey this figure was 18% and it's been suggested the increase could be a result of people no longer being able to put money aside for emergencies.


Shelter Cymru: "Wales is a long way from economic recovery"

New research shows thousands of Welsh families are struggling to cope financially, due to rising living costs.

Many say they're cutting back on food, energy and petrol to make ends meet.

The Director of Shelter Cymru John Puzey says Wales is a long way away from an economic recovery.

"Cutting back on food and heating in order to meet the rent or mortgage can only ever be a short-term measure. A severe winter or an increase in interest rates could be all it takes for families to hit crisis point and potentially lose their home."

"Besides the devastating impact that this has on the health and well-being of individuals concerned, especially children, dealing with the outcomes of homelessness has significant financial impacts on local services, which themselves are experiencing severe funding cuts."

– John Puzey, Shelter Cymru
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