Poet breaks record for longest barefoot walk in history

A performance poet has penned a new entry in the record books by breaking the record for the longest barefoot walk in history. Philip Wells is just over 925 miles into his 1,000-mile trek and has spent recent weeks in the Welsh countryside.

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Poet breaks longest barefoot walk record

Philip at the beginning of his journey with his sister Caroline Credit: Barefoot Billion

A poet has claimed his place in the history books after breaking the world record for the 'Longest Barefoot Walk.'

Philip Wells is currently 925 miles through his 1,000 mile journey, which he started back in April this year, to raise money for charity.

In recent weeks Philip has been trekking throughout the Welsh countryside, visiting the Offa's Dyke Path and many other areas.

This weekend will see him complete the final leg of his journey, as he crosses the Menai Bridge on Saturday.

The journey has been harder than I could ever have imagined, but the support I have received from members of the public cheering me on and from others around the world who have been following my progress online has been phenomenal.

– Philip Wells

Philip is raising money for The Born Free Foundation's Global Friends Projects, the Consortium for Street Children, and Ocean Stars Trust.

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