Heavy rain and strong winds batter Wales

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected across the country today due to the remain of ex-Hurricane Bertha arriving from across the Atlantic.

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Fallen trees due to ex-hurricane Bertha winds

Strong winds have brought down trees in North and South Wales, as ex-hurricane Bertha continues to cause disruption.

A tree fell onto a car in Llangollen this afternoon. Credit: Dave

Gusts of up to 50mph are expected this evening.

Wind speeds reached 44mph at Mumbles Head on the Gower this morning.

A tree fell onto a garden shed in Pencoed, Bridgend. Credit: Neil Wills


Cardiff 'one of the wettest places in UK' today

Cardiff was 'one of the wettest places' in the UK today, after records show 44.6mm of rain fell within a 12 hour period. A 44mph gust of wind was also recorded by Mumbles Head.

Natural Resources Wales issues four flood alerts

Natural Resource Wales has issued four flood alerts for the country. It has advised people to stay away from the Usk Estuary and Wye Estuary in Monmouthshire, and the River Llynfi and Ogmore in Bridgend.

This was the scene in Park Court Road in Bridgend earlier this morning. Credit: Faye Corrington

It also says people should take care near rivers in the Ewenny and Vale of Glamorgan areas as rain was expected to fall heavily until lunchtime.

Fire crews in Mid and West Wales have been called to three flooding incidents in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

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Met Office yellow warnings still in place across Wales

The Met Office says yellow 'be aware' warnings are still in place today for strong winds and heavy rain across the country after the remains of ex-Hurricane Bertha hits Wales.

The Met Office is warning people to be aware of the risk of flooding due to heavy rain in their area, with thunderstorms affecting some places. Strong winds and large waves are also likely.

Watch: Heavy rain and strong gusts of winds developing

Bad weather causes problems for drivers in Cardiff

Heavy rain and strong winds are currently causing problems across the country this morning due to the remains of ex-Hurricane Bertha arriving from across the Atlantic.

The bad weather has been causing problems for drivers in Cardiff as they tried to make their way through the flood waters.

A car has broken down in the flood waters in Salisbury Road, Cardiff.
Another car was also in need of emergency assistance after breaking down.


Firefighters called to help deal with flooding incidents

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service have sent firefighters to several flooding incidents to help deal with the bad weather.

Firefighters are currently in attendance in the Cathays area of Cardiff and Mill Parade and Commercial Road in Newport.

Pictures: Heavy rainfall in Newport as 'Bertha' arrives

There have been prolonged periods of heavy rainfall in Newport this morning, as the remains of former hurricane Bertha reached the UK.

There were periods of heavy rain in Newport around 6.15am and again at 7.30am, with continued rainfall throughout the early morning.

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