'Reckless behaviour' warning in latest internet craze

Police have issued a warning over the potential for 'tragic consequences' after a 20-year-old Aberdare man leapt off a bridge, apparently as part of a new online craze known as 'Wetnominate'.

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Welsh Water warning over 'wetnominate' craze

Welsh Water is reminding people not to put their lives at risk by jumping into or swimming in reservoirs.

With the rise of new online craze 'wetnominate' - where people nominate each other to jump into rivers or reservoirs - the company is urging people to be aware of the hidden dangers in waterways.

Last July, two people died while swimming in reservoirs in the Brecon Beacons and Welsh Water says it has had several reports of people swimming in reservoirs in Llwyn Onn in the Brecon Beacons and Bwllfa Dare in Aberdare in recent weeks.

With the latest internet craze 'wetnominate' circulating on social media, we are worried that some people may be attracted by the idea of going for a swim or jumping into a reservoir.

I cannot emphasise enough that people who do this are not only putting their own lives are risk, but also the lives of people who may try and help if they get into difficulty.

– Pete Perry, Welsh Water chief operating officer

The dangers of swimming in reservoirs include:

  • automatic equipment under the surface of the water, which can sometimes operate without obvious warning
  • very cold and deep water that can cause even strong swimmers to find themselves in difficulty
  • most reservoirs are in remote locations, with little or no mobile phone reception, so the chance of rescue is greatly reduced.


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