Britain's most common sleeping problems revealed in new study

The Sleep Council UK has released a number of findings on the nation's sleeping patterns. Stress, night terrors and 'Restless Leg Syndrome' are among the most common problems for those trying to get a good night's sleep.

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Almost half of adults in UK 'have suffered insomnia'

Almost half of Britain's adults have suffered a bout of insomnia, leaving them unable to sleep for nights on end, research from sleep experts has found.

According to the Sleep Council:

  • 48% have suffered from Insomnia
  • 22% have lost sleep because of Restless Leg Syndrome
  • 18% suffer night terrors or nightmares and a further 14% struggle with Nocturia (an excessive need to urinate)

Three-quarters 'suffer sleep problems due to stress'

Some 72% of Britain's adults have their sleep damaged by everyday stress, a study has revealed.

September can be one of the most stressful months, health professionals have warned. Credit: PA

Data from the Sleep Council shed light on how difficult it was for some people to get a full night's sleep.

Some 48% suffer from insomnia and 26% told the Sleep Council a good night's rest helped them to relieve stress.

Only 27% of 2,035 people quizzed by Opinion Matters said they were able to regularly get enough rest.

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