Man shot with taser following Swansea siege

A man was arrested after being shot with a taser following a siege at Swansea's Meridian Tower.

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Police: Incidents involving fire arms 'extremely rare'

South Wales Police confirmed that a 38-year-old man who was arrested yesterday, in connection with the incident in the Meridian Tower in Swansea yesterday, has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Police say that incidents involving fire arms are 'extremely rare' and that people 'should not live in fear'.

An incident of this nature is almost unheard of in this area and it has shocked local people and the wider community.

It is, of course, an isolated incident and whilst people will be talking about it for a long time, they should not live in fear as offences involving a firearm are extremely rare.

We have police officers who are specially trained to deal with these situations, and I would like to commend my officers, but also those innocent people caught up in the incident, for the bravery and cooperation they showed throughout.

– Superintendent Andy Kingdom

Man arrested sectioned under Mental Health Act

A 38-year-old man from Swansea, who was arrested in connection with an incident which occurred yesterday on the twenty-eighth floor of the Meridian Tower in Swansea has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

South Wales Police confirmed that the man is now being held in a secure unit where he is being assessed by medical staff. He will remain on police bail until police receive a full report on his condition.

Police were called to the Meridian Tower at around 4pm yesterday afternoon.

A specially trained tactical response team was deployed to the scene at 4pm on Friday following reports that a man armed with a firearm had taken an individual hostage in a public area of the building.

After two hours of negotiations, armed officers used a less lethal Taser to successfully subdue and detain the man, and make the area safe.

South Wales Police also confirmed that the handgun recovered from the scene of the incident by police officers is a Section 1 Firearm - an investigation into the ownership of the weapon is now underway.

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Man arrested following Swansea armed incident

A man has been arrested after he took another man hostage in an armed incident at Meridian Tower in Swansea this afternoon.

A specialist response police team, which included a helicopter, armed officers and a negotiator, were called to the scene at around 4pm.

After around two hours, the police used a taser to subdue the man and arrest him. Police say nobody was seriously hurt as a result of the incident.

“Thankfully this very serious incident ended peacefully with no injuries to anyone involved. I’d like to thank my officers for the bravery and professionalism they showed during what was a very tense situation. I’d also like to thank the public for the co-operation they have shown throughout.”

– Andy Kingdom, South Wales Police
The incident took around two hours to resolve. Credit: ITV Wales


Armed police on scene of Swansea Marina incident

The owner of the Pumphouse Pub in the Maritime Quarter told ITV News that armed police are on the scene blocking entry to the marina.

There's a police helicopter and armed police outside blocking the road. We haven't been asked to close the pub, but there are police and dogs on leads outside and nearby. The marina is also blocked off and no boats are allowed in or out.

– Owner of the Pumphouse Pub

The Grape and Olive restaurant at the top of the Meridan Tower has tweeted to say it's closed due to an incident.

Swansea Marina 'on lockdown' after incident

Eyewitnesses in Swansea Marina say the area is 'on lockdown' after an incident in Meridian Tower.

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