Horsemeat report: More checks announced

A national food crime prevention network which involves unannounced audits and a zero- tolerance approach will help protect consumers from any more incidents like the horse meat scandal, a government-commissioned report says.

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Horsemeat report urges Food Crime Unit creation

The final report into the horsemeat scandal has made a number of recommendations to "improve the integrity and assurance of food supply networks".

They include:

  • Put the consumers first by ensuring that their needs in relation to food safety and food crime prevention are the top priority
  • Create a robust, effective Food Crime Unit to protect the food industry and consumers from criminal activity
  • Zero tolerance approach to food fraud by improving intelligence gathering
  • Introduce unannounced audit checks by the food industry
  • Support the development of whistleblowing and reporting of food crime
  • Improve lab testing capacity and capability to ensure a standardised approach for food testing
  • Encourage the food industry to question the source of their supply chain


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