Vote of no confidence for council Chief Executive

Pembrokeshire County Councillors have passed a vote of no confidence in their Chief Executive, Bryn Parry-Jones. Mr Parry-Jones is at the centre of a police investigation after salary supplement payments of around £45,000 were paid to him and another senior official.

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Union members rally over 'no confidence' ballot

Union members have been gathering outside Pembrokeshire County Council's headquarters Credit: ITV News/Kevin Ashford

Union members have been protesting outside Pembrokeshire County Council's headquarters this lunchtime.

They're calling for a no confidence vote in the local authority's chief executive Bryn Parry Jones.

It follows a police investigation into supplementary salary payments made to Mr Parry Jones and another council official.

Protesters outside Pembrokeshire Council Credit: ITV News/Kevin Ashford

Hundreds to protest at Pembrokeshire Council offices

Pembrokeshire County Council HQ in Haverfordwest Credit: ITV News

Trade union members are expected to protest outside Pembrokeshire County Council headquarters later, after hundreds responded to a ballot of 'no confidence' in the council's chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones.

An investigation is currently underway by Gloucestershire Police after salary supplement payments of around £45,000 were paid to Mr Parry-Jones and another senior official.

The Wales Audit Office declared them as 'unlawful' earlier this year. The chief executive has been asked to repay the money.

Ballot papers went out to all our members in Pembrokeshire last week and the speed and size of the response has been overwhelming.

This is in direct response to calls from our respective membership to have their voices heard in relation to numerous failings in Pembrokeshire County Council. The continuing pension debacle is the last straw for our members, many of whom now say they are embarrassed to admit they work for PCC.

– Vic Dennis, UNISON

The council says it has no comment to make about the protests.

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