First Minister threatens Brexit veto deal

Carwyn Jones has been criticised for using a trade mission in America to highlight tensions in Government over Brexit.
The First Minister is due to make a speech in Chicago and will warn that he'll block any Brexit deal which doesn't give Wales full access to the European single market.

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First Minister meets Barnier over Brexit

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First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, is meeting Michel Barnier, the European Chief Negotiator for the UK leaving the EU, in Brussels today.

The private talks are ahead of the second round of formal negotiations in Brussels next week. But Mr Barnier has stressed that he will negotiate only with the UK Government.

Single market access must be 'red line' in Brexit talks says Plaid

Leanne Wood says Wales's full membership to the single market must be a negotiations 'red line' Credit: ITV Wales

Wales's full membership to the single market must be a 'red line' in Brexit negotiations says the leader of Plaid Cymru.

Leanne Wood said: "If the final deal brought to the table poses a threat to Wales's economy and communities in any form, Plaid Cymru will withhold support for it."

The number one priority for the Welsh Government during Brexit negotiations should be protecting our economy.

This must include securing full membership of the single market for Wales as a red line in any discussions.

Single market membership is arguably more important for Wales than any other part of the UK given that we are a net exporter of goods. We also benefit from several free trade agreements throughout the world thanks to our current single market status.

It is alarming to hear the leader of the Labour party oppose single market membership - a stance which is strictly at odds with the national interests of Wales.

– Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Leader


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'The people of Wales voted to leave EU' - Wales Office

There's been a terse response from the UK Government to the First Minister's threat to block any Brexit deal unless Wales continues to have access to the European single market.

A senior UK Government figure criticised his decision to make the comments during a trade visit to the United States, calling it a 'massive breach of protocol.'

Other UK Government sources have also expressed bafflement at the timing of his speech during a trip to what is a key market for the UK.

Meanwhile a Wales Office spokesperson has issued the following statement:

Wales Office Ministers are working across Government and internationally to open up new opportunities for Welsh businesses. The people of Wales voted to leave the European Union and the UK Government, working with the Welsh Government, local authorities and other bodies, will deliver positive outcomes for the country. One of the new Prime Minister's first visits was to Wales where she underlined her commitment to the country's success post-Brexit.

– Wales Office spokesperson

First Minister Brexit speech 'betrayal of the Welsh people'

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives has criticised the First Minister for using a keynote speech in America to highlight tensions over Brexit.

Carwyn Jones is on a trade mission in the United States and is due to speak at the Chicago Council later today.

He is expected to warn he'll block any Brexit deal which doesn't give Wales full access to the European single market and will also call for 'a more federal' United Kingdom - to reflect what he says is the sovereignty of the four nations making up the UK.

Andrew RT Davies says Mr Jones' speech 'stokes fear over the constitutional future' of the country. Credit: PA Images

There is a time and a place to discuss constitutional issues, but Carwyn Jones is supposed to be in America to sell Wales to the world like never before.

"Instead, in a speech that came straight out of the Nicola Sturgeon playbook, the First Minister chose to talk down the economy and to stoke greater uncertainty over the future of the United Kingdom.

“It’s an unforgivable betrayal of the people of Wales and can only harm prospects for inward investment.”

– Andrew RT Davies
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