Welsh NHS 'playing God' says heart patient

The Welsh NHS is 'playing God' with a man's life after he was denied funding for a life saving operation.

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Partner of John Prescott thankful life saving surgery granted

The partner of John Prescott, who needs a heart transplant, has been speaking about the Welsh NHS' decision to grant him life saving surgery, following a report by ITV Cymru Wales.

John Prescott is currently in intensive care in a hospital in Manchester Credit: ITV Wales

I am absolutely over the moon with the decision being over turned.

This means that John now has his chance to stay alive after being given the news this week that time was not on his side.

It was crucial to have this life saving operation within days.

– Doreen Edwards, John's partner

Prescott, from Conwy, needs a heart transplant after suffering a heart attack 18 months ago.

It damaged his heart so badly that only one side is working properly.

In order for John to be eligible for a heart transplant, he needs a pump - called an LVAD - fitting to his existing heart.


Conwy man receives funding for life-saving operation

Credit: ITV News

A man from Conwy who thought he had just weeks to live has had the decision of the Welsh NHS not to fund a life saving operation reversed.

ITV Wales has been told that John Prescott will get a pump fitted to his heart and NHS Wales will pay. He's due to have an operation this morning.

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