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Conceived on Anglesey: Land Rover Defender production ends today

The Land Rover Defender has been in production for nearly 70 years. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

When Maurice Wilks, Rover's Chief Designer, penned the design for the Land Rover in 1947 he probably didn't think he would be responsible for a motoring icon.

He wanted an agricultural version of the highly successful American-built Willis Jeep used throughout the Second World War.

He'd used a Jeep on his farm on Anglesey and so designed the Series 1 Land Rover at Red Wharf Bay.

The body was made from an aluminium alloy called Birmabright because steel was in short supply after the war.

Production started in Solihull in 1948 and was meant to last just a few years but 68 years and many versions later it finally reaches the end of the road.

Meet the Welshman who helped design Periscope app

Periscope, a video streaming app that lets you broadcast videos straight from your phone around the world live, has enjoyed great popularity since launching last year.

But the idea behind the app is a lot closer to home. The man who helped design it lives in Wales.

Ian Lang went to meet him to see how it works.

More than 10 million Periscope accounts were created within four months of its launch.

Superfast broadband schemes expanded

Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

The Welsh Government says it's expanding two schemes so more people can access superfast broadband services.

It says over 530,000 premises already have access through Superfast Cymru.

Now changes to the Access Broadband Cymru and Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher schemes will expand availability.

These two expanded schemes, together with Superfast Cymru, our project to provide wireless broadband to 2000 premises on business parks and industrial estates, and the commercial roll-out by private companies, will make superfast speeds available to all homes and businesses across Wales.

All the measures we are taking are helping to make Wales one of the best connected countries in the world.

– Julie James AM, Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology


Cardiff-developed gold catalyst hits the market in China


The plastic, PVC, was developed in the late nineteenth century and has a wide variety of uses; from water pipes to credit cards.

But its production, from vinyl chloride, has stayed largely unchanged for fifty years.

Now a Cardiff developed process has hit the market in China to increase production. It uses gold as a catalyst which speeds up the conversion of vinyl chloride into PVC.

It's being manufactured at a factory in Shanghai.

Scientists say the catalyst has an unparalleled ability to speed up many reactions and make products cheaper, cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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