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Welsh Government: We are working to make Wales 'one of the most connected countries in the world'

A street in Wales and another in Essex have been declared the slowest in the UK for broadband speeds in a new report.

The research, carried out by online comparison site, found Erw Fawr in Henryd, Conwy had an average download speed of 0.60 megabytes per second - 30 times slower than the UK national average.

Two other Welsh streets also made it on to the list of the slowest in the UK.

The good news is that Erw Fawr in Henryd, Conwy is included in our roll-out plans to receive fast fibre broadband under the Superfast Cymru programme.

Superfast Cymru, a partnership between the Welsh Government and BT, is the largest of its kind in the UK. It is working to achieve, when combined with commercial roll-outs, the Welsh Government's aim of providing 96% of premises in Wales with access to fast fibre broadband by the end of Spring 2016.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

Three Welsh streets among worst in UK for slow broadband speeds

Broadband speeds in Erw Fawr, Conwy are 30 times slower than the UK average Credit: PA

Three Welsh streets have been identified as having some of the slowest broadband speeds in the UK, according to the latest consumer speed test data.

On the list are:

• Erw Fawr, Henryd, Conwy

• Maesceinion, Waun Fawr, Aberystwyth

• Llantarnam Road, Cwmbran

With an average download speed of just 0.60 megabytes per second, Erw Fawr in Conwy has the slowest broadband in Britain.

It's in joint first place with a road in Essex.

According to the research, which is based on almost two million speed tests run by broadband users over a six month period, only 15% of Brits are enjoying broadband of 30 megabytes per second or higher - the speed classified by the EU as 'superfast.'

The fastest broadband can be found in Derbyshire, where homeowners are receiving average speeds of 96 times faster than that in Erw Fawr.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said Erw Fawr is included in roll-out plans under the Superfast Cymru programme.

Prevention over Cure: Are we changing our relationship with cancer?

Every week here in Wales 50 people are diagnosed with breast cancer alone, making it the most common type of cancer for women. The so-called celeb effect has made us more aware than ever before.

So, with a society calling for earlier diagnosis and PREVENTATIVE treatment - is our relationship with cancer in the midst of change?

Wales This Week follows 34 year-old Leanne Hugglestone as she undergoes a double mastectomy to prevent a recurrence of cancer.

Wales This Week: Mastectomy and Me - Tonight at 8pm ITV Cymru Wales

Cardiff features on Google Maps parody website

Cardiff's best places to take a nap - as seen on Google Naps Credit: Google Naps

A parody website called 'Google Naps' - based on Google Maps - features Cardiff. The website aims to help uncover "the world's coziest and coolest places to take a well-deserved nap", according to the creators.

Users can post their favourite suggestions for nap locations, giving details of the nap (whether on a bench, lawn, bed etc) and reasons why you should nap there. One of the Cardiff posts is listed as a bench in Catays Park. The post states: "the City Hall clock tower acts as an alarm clock".


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PM 'hoodwinked' April Jones parents over abuse images

The parents of murdered schoolgirl April Jones have criticised David Cameron for failing to clamp down on online images of child abuse.

Paul Jones accused the Prime Minister of reneging on a vow to take tough action on blocking internet images of abuse.

Jones told Channel 5 News: "I think he's hoodwinked us a little bit by coming out banging the drums, but hasn't actually put any money in place - he's left it to the internet (companies)."

April Jones' parents Coral and Paul with her brother Harley. Credit: PA Wire

He added: "When I last met David Cameron I said aim high - but he's fallen well short of the mark."

Last July, Cameron threatened to impose tough new laws on internet giants if they fail to blacklist key search terms for horrific images as part a crackdown on online porn unveiled today.

In November, Google and Microsoft promised to introduce new software that will automatically block 100,000 "unambiguous" search terms which lead to illegal content.

Coral and Paul Jones launched the campaign after Mark Bridger was found guilty of their daughter's abduction and murder last year.

Life sciences network among three launching today

The discovery of new drugs and development of new treatments will form the basis for a new science network launching today. One of three, the life sciences and health network, based at Cardiff University will work on areas that have unmet medical need.

A new network launching today will look into the development of new drugs Credit: PA

Another area to be looked at will be the growing needs of society, such as the need for food. The network will carry out research into the relationships between land, water, the provision of food and energy production.

The network is one of three Ser Cymru National Research Networks for Wales launching today. They are funded by £7m from the Welsh Government and are designed attract more scientific research business to the country.

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