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30 jobs created at Pencoed as Raspberry Pi 2 announced

Sony is boosting production at its factory near Bridgend to cope with expected demand for a new version of the Raspberry Pi computer.

The Raspberry Pi 2 - announced today - promises greater performance and more memory.

The Raspberry Pi 2 includes a quad-core processor and twice the memory of the previous model

30 new staff will be added to the workforce at the Pencoed site to help produce the Raspberry Pi 2.

The older models will still be produced, according to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

All aboard for free wi-fi as Cardiff buses get connected

Over 220 buses will be equipped with free 4G Wi-Fi over the coming months says Cardiff Council.

The free connected on cardiff buses began on Monday. Credit:

The vehicles of Cardiff Bus and Easy Way Travel, travelling in and around Cardiff and to Newport, will ensure commuters stay connected.

The council says the free service will take place in stages, rolling out across the whole fleet over the next 2 months.

The Leader of the City of Cardiff Council, Councillor Phil Bale, said “The Council is committed to making public transport a more viable and attractive option and this latest development will complement this policy, by making travel by bus a more enjoyable experience.”


NSPCC urge parents to be aware of children's online activites

The charity say some websites are too easy for children to sign up to Credit: PA

The NSPCC in Wales is asking parents of 8-12-year-olds to be more aware of what sites their children visit when they're online.

An NSPCC panel of more than 500 parents from Mumsnet reviewed nearly 50 social networking sites, and said that those aimed at adults and teenagers were too easy for children under 13 to sign up to.

Today it launched its Share Aware campaign to get families talking about socialising safely online.

Children are taught from an early age that it is good to share but doing so online can be very dangerous... This Christmas many children will have been given a smart phone, a tablet computer, or a games console. So it's the perfect opportunity for parents to have conversations with their children about who they are talking to and what they share when they socialise online. We know that children do take risks online, sometimes without realising it. And we know some parents feel confused by the internet - out of their depth, and out of control.

– Des Mannion, NSPCC in Wales.

The International Space Station or Santa's sleigh? How to spot it in Wales

The International Space Station is due to pass over the UK on Christmas Eve, giving children a great opportunity to spot 'Santa's sleigh'.

The station will be visible at 5.22pm across the UK, but for varying lengths of time and at slightly differing angles.

The further north you are, the closer to the horizon it will be.

The International Space Station Credit: PA

Here is a guide on how long you will be able to see the ISS and where you can spot it in the sky (90 degrees is directly above you).

  • Aberystwyth: 4 minutes, at 46 degrees, 36 above WSW
  • Cardiff: 4 minutes, at 53 degrees, 32 above W
  • Denbigh: 4 minutes, at 39° degrees, 32 above WSW
  • Holyhead: 3 minutes, at 40 degrees, 37 above SW
  • Llandudno: 3 minutes, at 38 degrees, 36 above SW
  • Swansea: 4 minutes, at 53 degrees, 32 above W
  • Wrexham: 4 minutes, at 39 degrees, 33 above WSW
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