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Stunning cockpit-cam footage from Team Raven's display at the Wales National Airshow

Aerobatic display pilots Team Raven wowed crowds at the Wales National Airshow in Swansea on Saturday.

Cameras in one the plane's cockpit captured the sight from the skies as they performed over Swansea bay.


Mobile ticketing system to be rolled out across Wales

Credit: Arriva Trains Wales

Arriva Trains Wales says it's extending its mobile ticketing system across the country after a successful trial on the Cardiff and Valleys network.

It says customers can make savings using Mobile Multi-flex ticket - the first mobile ticketing system of its kind in the UK.

Tickets can be bought, through an app, to travel between any two places and can be stored on a smartphone for up to three months after the date of purchase.

...we are always trying to understand the needs of our passengers and with the majority of UK employees (77 per cent) working in organisations that provide some kind of flexible working, we had a strong desire to reward loyal users of our trains who do not travel on our services regularly enough to benefit from the savings provided by a normal season ticket.

– Lynne Milligan, Customer Services Director
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