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Aberystwyth University urges evacuated students not to return to seafront residences until Monday

Aberystwyth University says no student rooms in its residences on the town's seafront were damaged by last night's waves.

The university is still warning students living in temporary accommodation or who have travelled away not to return until Monday afternoon.

Spokesperson Rebecca Davies said the university would review the situation on Monday morning.


Natural Resources Wales tells coastal communities to 'remain vigilant'

Flood warnings for the whole of the Wales coast will remain in place throughout Saturday, Natural Resources Wales says.

Strong south westerly winds forecast for the rest of the day could combine with tonight's high tide and cause flooding.

People are also warned to stay clear of promenades and sea fronts.

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Waves crash onto Aberystwyth promenade

The Welsh town of Aberystwyth saw some large waves at high tide this morning, but was spared the dramatic scenes of the last few months when sand and pebbles spilled over the promenade and pelted the waterfront homes.

Large waves crash against Aberystwyth promenade Credit: ITV News
High tide in Aberystwyth this morning Credit: ITV News
Aberystwyth seafront Credit: ITV News


Flooding blocks rail lines between Porth and Pontypridd

Arriva Trains Wales says buses are replacing rail services between Porth and Pontypridd due to flooding.

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Flood risk returns to Wales as warnings issued

February begins with more stormy weather as yet another deep depression brings very unsettled weather to Wales. It comes just a few weeks after much of the Welsh coastline took a battering from previous storms.

A number of factors are set to combine to bring a flood risk that could match the flood damage caused by January's big storm. Saturday sees large spring tides which are set to peak after 8am.

Aberystwyth's seafront has suffered significant damage from recent bad weather

The depression approaching Northern Ireland is expected to add to these spring tides with an additional Atlantic surge. Added to this is the strong gusty winds that will drive large waves onshore adding to the risk that seawater will breach already weakened or damaged flood defences.

Flood risks could be increased further as Friday's rain makes it's way to the sea on river systems meeting the incoming tide.

Natural Resources Wales say this combination of factors will lead to flood warnings, the second level of alert, being issued for all coastal areas of Wales on Saturday.

Aberystwyth students leave as high tides forecast

Tides are expected to peak tomorrow morning and evening. Credit: PA

Aberystwyth University has cancelled all teaching activities today and again on Monday, as more high tides and strong winds are forecast.

The University has warned students that the new band of stormy weather is likely to make the Promenade area a 'hazardous place' this weekend.

Seafront University Residences will close at 4pm today and students have been asked to inform the University of their planned whereabouts over the weekend.

Pub manager all set for year in a onesie

The manager of the Nag's Head in Aberystwyth hopes to raise thousands of pounds in donations for Macmillan Cancer Support by wearing a onesie every day for a year. Chris Kiff says he will not return to his normal shirt and trousers until January 2015.

"I'm walking around in an adult babygro. It's completely against what I would normally wear.

"But I've had friends and family who had to deal with cancer. I think the people at Macmillan are just great.

"And I wanted to do something to help that was a bit of fun.

"When I think of Macmillan, I think of comfort and support - and what could be more comfortable than a onesie?"

– Chris Kiff

Chris said his collection was growing. "People are donating them, I've bought a few more, I've borrowed some," he said.

"Maybe I'll auction them off when I've finished."

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