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Anglesey has 'jobs crisis'

I am extremely disappointed at this decision; the loss of these jobs at Anglesey Aluminium will be a severe blow to the local economy.

It is clear that on Anglesey we have a jobs crisis. The recent Vion announcement and this news from Anglesey Aluminium will hit the Island hard.

We desperately need a jobs strategy in the short term. There are many mid to long term plans which the UK and Welsh Government are driving.

– Albert Owen MP, Ynys Môn

Metal site has 'key role' in Anglesey's economic future

Our thoughts first and foremost are with those who will be losing their jobs in such a harsh economic climate. We will help them, but we must also ensure that this important strategic site continues to play a key role in the Island’s economic future.

The site still has the potential to play a huge role in the Island’s future economy and I’ll be making this clear when meeting with the Anglesey Aluminium Board, together with Welsh Government representatives, later next month.

– Cllr Bryan Owen, Isle of Anglesey County Council leader

'Extensive efforts' were made to keep metal plant open

In 2009, 400 staff were made redundant at Anglesey Aluminium, when it closed its smelting operation.

A re-melt business has operated since then, producing around 250,000 tonnes of metal.

The Anglesey Aluminium Metal (AAM) Board says it has made "extensive efforts" to find options to stay in business, but warned employees last week there was a "strong likelihood" it would have to close.

It says a redundancy programme will include helping employees to find new work, and it will work to try to create a legacy for the local community.

A small team will be kept on to continue de-commissioning, and maintain the site until it is sold.

The AAM Board reognise the outstanding work that has been carried out by the employees and management team at Anglesey Aluminium in addition to their commitment to safety and their excellent work ethic.

– Klaus Stingl, Chairman of the AAM Board


'Strong likelihood' Anglesey Aluminium Metal will close

Anglesey Aluminium Metal says it has advised employees that there is a "strong likelihood" its operation in Holyhead will close.

In 2009, the company closed its smelting operation and 400 members of staff were made redundant. Since then around 100 employees have continued to work on the site.

Increased competition, a rise in material costs and a drop in demand for its products mean that the business is facing severe operating losses and joint discussions have been underway to try and find ways to ensure the viability of the remelt operation.

– Spokesperson for the Anglesey Aluminium Metal

The company says the consultation process will continue and as soon as it has come to a final decision then employees and various stakeholders will be informed.