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Woman found with £590 worth of heroin inside her

When police carried out a search of a 39-year-old woman they found heroin worth £590 hidden in an intimate part of her body.

Rachel Evans and William Hughes. Credit: North Wales Police

A judge at Caernarfon Crown Court was told if it were cut with caffeine and paracetamol it could be split into 59 street deals.

Rachel Evans and her partner William Hughes, 44, of Bro Tudur, Llangefni in Anglesey, were each jailed for three years after pleading guilty to drug supplying.

Judge Geraint Walters said they “effectively lived in a drug den.”


Hollywood star visits Anglesey pub three times in the same weekend

A Hollywood actor liked one Anglesey pub so much, he visited it three times this weekend.

Stanley Tucci even asked to meet the chef at The Bull in Beaumaris

Hollywood actor with head chef Hefin Roberts and restaurant manager Maisie Warner. Credit: Bull in Beaumaris

The Hunger Games star had dinner on Friday night, a nightcap on Saturday ... followed by breakfast on Sunday.

Mr. Tucci was with his wife Felicity Blunt, sister of the Hollywood star Emily Blunt.

They enjoyed their meal so much they asked to meet head chef Hefin Roberts.

The Bull in Beaumaris won Best Restaurant in Wales in 2013.

The Muttropolitan's newest recruit - a robotic dog

North Wales Police has a new recruit – in the form of a robotic dog.

‘Celt’, the animatronic Golden Retriever is being used to teach young children on how to stay safe and how to behave around dogs.

Robotic dog helping to teach children how to stay safe. Credit: North Wales Police

Celt recently visited his first school on Anglesey with handler PC Gordon Topps from the Dog Section.

He was used to show pupils at Ysgol Niwbwrch they should not approach dogs when they are sleeping or eating, that they should ask dog owners if they can stroke their pets and that dogs who appear to be smiling may actually be displaying aggression.

All too often we hear that a child has been attacked by a dog, so we hope that this proactive approach will see a reduction in the number of children who become the victims of dog bites nationwide. This initiative aims to educate children from a young age about the right ways to act around animals in order to keep themselves safe.

– PC Gordon Topps, North Wales Police
Celt responds positively to being stroked. Credit: North Wales Police

It was great to see the pupils interact with Celt.

Many of the pupils have dogs as family pets so this was an ideal opportunity for them to be reminded on how to stay safe not only around their own pets but also unfamiliar dogs.

– Sian Topps, Ysgol Niwbwrch

Celt responds positively to being stroked and even sniffs the hands of the children.

North Wales Police said the feedback has been really positive ... so paws for thought perhaps for other police forces.

It's certainly dif-fur-ent.


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