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Freedom of Wrexham for soldiers

The soldiers have just returned from a UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus Credit: PA

Soldiers from 101 Force Support Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers will have the Freedom of Wrexham bestowed upon them later. They will celebrate with a march through the town centre.

About 250 soldiers will form the parade after recently returning from UN peacekeeping duties in Cyprus. The march will begin at Hightown Barracks at 11am and continue into town before arriving at Llwyn Isaf at 11.30am.

Barracks closure: 'We need these jobs here'

There's anger in West Wales to news that 600 well paid military jobs are being transferred out of Pembrokeshire and into one of the most wealthy parts of Wales.

14th Signal Regiment is being moved out of Cawdor barracks near Haverfordwest to St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan. It's a move that will see a hundred million pounds investment in Wales, but also the closure of the Pembrokeshire base.

Civic leaders there have warned the move will have a devestating effect on the economy of west Wales.


Army reorganisation 'will provide £100m investment in Wales'

Wales Office Minister Stephen Crabb says that the army reorganisation will see a £100 million investment in Wales as 14th Signal Regiment unit relocate to St Athan.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that Cawdor Barracks in Brawdy, Pembrokeshire close, with 14th Signal Regiment moving to St Athan in 2018.

Whilst it is disappointing that we will see Cawdor Barracks in Brawdy, Pembrokeshire close, these changes are essential for our future Armed Forces. I am pleased that the defence footprint is largely being maintained and that 14th Signal Regiment will be relocating within Wales to St Athan.

It is also expected that Wales specifically will receive much-needed infrastructure investment of approximately £100m to support the rebasing.

– Stephen Crabb MP, Wales Office Minister


Alan Cairns: St Athan will become one of "UK's key military bases"

Alun Cairns has welcomed the news that the 14th Signal Regiment will move to the MoD base at St Athan.

The Conservative MP who represents the Vale of Glamorgan said that the announcement will "guarantee MoD funds in the area with increased spend from soldiers through to contracts for local builders for structural projects on site."

He said that without the move "St Athan could have been closed for development purposes" but that it will now become "one of the UK’s key military bases."

I am delighted that St Athan has been so successful in this Base Review. Winning the Royal Signals is a coup for St Athan. They are experts in electronic warfare, which along with the presence of Special Forces at the base puts St Athan at the cutting edge of the changes to modern conflict.

The decision, of course has been made on what is right for the forces.

This is a major boost for the community and wider economy. It secures the future of the site, for decades to come. It has been a long campaign and the support from the community has been key.

– Alun Cairns MP, Vale of Glamorgan
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