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Welsh expertise helps 1000mph Bloodhound car

A record attempt is scheduled for 2016. Credit: Stefan Marjoram

A car aiming to travel at 1000mph is nearing completion helped by the expertise of engineers at Swansea University.

They blended Formula 1, aerospace and rocket technology to model Bloodhound SSC's design.

Bloodhound SSC has a jet and a rocket engine. Credit: Siemens NX

The Swansea University team also designed the Thrust supersonic car which hit 763mph in 1997. The record hasn't been beaten.

Bloodhound SSC has a Rolls Royce Typhoon fighter jet engine and a rocket below. A Formula 1 car engine pumps the fuel.


Bloodhound project 'will inspire young people'

We need to encourage more young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), to ensure we have the right skills to keep the country's economy growing and to tackle the big challenges facing humankind like rising population and climate change.

Currently the number of people pursuing STEM careers is just not enough to meet future demands, which is why inspiring young people through the Bloodhound SSC project is so important.

We hope that by showcasing the Bloodhound SSC car people realise the hugely exciting prospects there are in pursuing a career in engineering and STEM more generally.

– Gareth Cemlyn Jones, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Model of 1000mph Bloodhound car to go on display in Cardiff

The Bloodhound SSC on display in London Credit: Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers will bring a full-size model of the 1,000 mph Bloodhound car to Cardiff today.

The model will be on display at the Senedd to help raise awareness among schoolchildren, Welsh Assembly Members and the public about the project and its aims to inspire a generation about science and engineering.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is hoping the car will break the world land speed record by reaching over 1,000 miles per hour in the South African desert in 2015.