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David Cameron pays tribute to Arctic 'heroes'

David Cameron today visited HMS Belfast with three Arctic Convoy veterans.

They gave him a tour around the vessel, showing him where ice was cleared from the deck in perilous circumstances.

David Cameron meeting with veterans Credit: ITV News

Mr Cameron said: "They are heroes and I think it's just so right that we are honouring them today for their incredible service 70 years ago, and I'm really proud as Prime Minister to have set up that review, to make that decision and to get them that medal they so richly deserve.

David Cameron meeting with veterans Credit: ITV News
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Arctic heroes: What did they do?

Today the first Arctic Star medals and Bomber Command Clasps will be presented to veterans by the Prime Minister.

  • Veterans undertook what was dubbed "the worst journey in the world", delivering supplies to Russia
  • More than 3,000 seamen died on the journey, which made sure Germany had to fight a war on two fronts
  • The seamen delivered ships which carried crucial supplies, including 13,000 tanks, 22,000 aircraft and 417,000 motor vehicles
  • Some 58 of the 811 merchant ships involved were sunk by German U-boats, battleships and Luftwaffe bombers
  • With freezing temperatures of minus 20 degrees, anyone who fell into the water died within three minutes
  • The men covered a 1,500 to 2,000-mile run across the North and Barents Seas, one of the deadliest convoy routes during the war


Queen dedicates memorial to Second World War victims

Second World War veterans from Wales joined colleagues from around the world to see the Queen dedicate a memorial to the more than 50,000 airmen who died during Second World War.

The Bomber Command Memorial in London's Green Park honours the memory of the RAF crews who lost their lives.

Today more than 5,000 surviving airmen joined the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal family for the occasion.

One of those was 91-year-old Thomas Telford from Ruthin, a bomb aimer and navigator who flew bombing missions over France and Germany. He joined in 1941 as a volunteer.