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Campaigners urge more research into brain tumours

Wales has one of the highest rates of people living with brain tumours than anywhere else in Europe and campaigners are concerned not enough research is being done.

The Brain Cancer Charity says little is known about the causes and development and little money is put in to find out more.

More than 660 people in Wales are diagnosed with a brain tumour every year. They can reduce life expectancy by 20 years - the highest of any cancer.

Rob Osborne reports.

More funding for brain tumour research in Wales urged

"It's very difficult when you can't physically see a disability in people, or a cancer someone might have" says Kate Kershaw, from the Brain Tumour Charity

"Someone can have a benign brain tumour, but with an organ as sensitive as the brain... benign is really an irrelevant term because it can still cause someone some profound disabilities".