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Welsh Govt: 'we're standing up for Wales'

The Welsh Government Finance Minister is unveiling more than £600m capital investment funding, which Jane Hutt said was "a clear demonstration or our determination to stand up for Wales."

She also called on the UK Government to devolve stamp duty to Wales, and announced £32m to complete the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales in Cardiff.

£62m Welsh Govt funding for South East Wales metro

The Welsh Government has announced more than £600m of funding for infrastructure, which it says will create 11,000 jobs.

Finance Minister Jane Hutt says that among the schemes given investment will be a much-talked about metro scheme for South East Wales.


Welsh Govt to announce funding for major projects

The Welsh Government will announce this morning which major projects it will fund in the coming year.

The Finance Minister Jane Hutt is due to lay out "a substantial package of capital investment", as part of spending proposals for 2014-15.

Jane Hutt will outline the capital allocations from the Draft Budget this morning.

The Draft Budget was unveiled yesterday, with an extra £156m for the health service.

Local authorities and education will see their funding cut.

£20m investment 'to support apprenticeships'

£100m cuts to pay for NHS increase

At first glance it seems every other Welsh Government department will see its budget cut in order to pay for the increase in spending on the NHS. It adds up to £100m cut for 2014/15. Local government takes the biggest hit, losing £98m from its allocation for 2014/15. The other departmental cuts are:

  • Economy, Science Transport - £26.9m
  • Education and Skills - £77.5m
  • Natural Resources and Food - £22.2m
  • Housing and Regeneration - £6.6m
  • Culture and Sport - £4.3m
  • Central administration - £4.1m


£50m Intermediate Care Fund to be created

Health budget to increase by £570m says Finance Minister

  1. Adrian Masters

'Bargain bucket' budget deal - Tories

The Welsh Conservatives remain unimpressed by the budget deal between Labour, Plaid Cymru and the LIberal Democrats. This morning, Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies said it was 'up to them (the other two opposition parties) how they want to prop up this tired, clapped-out Labour government.'

And now that the deal's been announced, a source describes it to me as 'a bargain bucket deal with a Poundland government.'

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