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Scheme giving fuel vouchers to foodbank users to be trialled in Wales

A scheme giving energy vouchers to people who use foodbanks is to be trialled in Wales, to stop users having to choose between 'heating and eating'.

Credit: PA

Energy company Npower will give credits worth £30 from this month to the end of October increasing to £49 throughout winter - around two weeks' worth of energy - in partnership with several charities.

A three-month trial which began in England in April last year, is now being rolled out to Cardiff Foodbank.

People using pre-payment meters with any energy supplier, who are referred to a foodbank, will be eligible for the vouchers.

In winter, food bank clients come to us having to choose between going hungry or heating their homes, and in summer, we find some people come to us saying they can't afford to heat the food parcels we give them. It's heartbreaking when people in desperate situations try to give back food like pasta and soup simply because they can't afford to cook it.

– David McAuley, Chief Executive of the Trussell Trust


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