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Are your children dressing up for World Book Day?

People across Wales are being urged to nominate their favourite books to mark World Book Day.

We'd like to see how your children have been dressing up to celebrate the e events.

Jacob Boyle, 3, from Port Talbot is dressing up as Postman Pat Credit: Ceri Ann Rowlands

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Admiral Group's pre-tax profits fall

More than 7,00 staff who work for Cardiff-based Admiral Insurance are to get bonuses of £3,000 worth of shares after the company announced its preliminary results.

Credit: Admiral

Pre-tax profits for the year ending December 2014 stand at £357 million.

Admiral Group’s 2014 was the year of the Baked Alaska - hot and cold in a single bite.

The hot? Profits emerging from our international insurance businesses, in ConTe in Italy, and record profits at Rastreator and LeLynx, our price comparison businesses in Spain and France, respectively.

The cold? For the first time since we went public, Admiral Group did not post a record profit, but we still made a lot of money, had an enviable 52% return on equity and distributed 95% of our after-tax profits to our shareholders.

– Henry Engelhardt, Group Chief Executive Officer

World Book Day: Welsh readers urged to nominate 'classic' books

To mark the beginning of World Book Day today, a campaign has been launched urging readers across Wales to nominate classics of their choosing to be included on a list distributed to libraries, colleges and bookshops, for others to enjoy.

Today marks the beginning of World Book Day. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

Readers are asked to nominate a book, novel or collection of short stories by collecting a form from a library or local bookshop.

Nomination forms can also be downloaded from the Welsh Books Council and Literature Wales websites.

"Public libraries offer a range of high quality literature in Welsh and English to readers. The production of a list - with the help of readers - will promote reading, stimulate discussion around what is a 'classic' and suggest material for 'new' readers. Libraries throughout Wales are ready to collect readers' nominations and to support this exciting campaign."

– Jane Sellwood, on behalf of the Society of Chief Librarians Wales

Books can also been nominated on Twitter using the #WelshClassic hashtag, with prizes offered to those with the best reason for their nomination.

The campaign is a partnership between SCL Wales, the Welsh Books Council and Literature Wales.

The Welsh Classic campaign runs until the end of May. Credit: Edward Smith/EMPICS Entertainment

"We book lovers are always asking what should we read next? Prominent shelves in book shops and libraries advertise the latest bestsellers and the newly published. This list will remind us of the Welsh classics, and will draw new audiences to these books that we consider to be the building blocks of literature in Wales."

– Lleucu Siencyn, Chief Executive of Literature Wales

A panel of Welsh literary experts and critics nominated by these organisations will select the final list from the nominations received and agree on the inclusion of recognized classics from Wales, in English and Welsh, during the summer.

The campaign runs up until the 30th May.


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