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Tory policies 'like a virus preying on Wales' says Shadow Welsh Secretary

Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith says the effects of Conservative policies are 'like a virus preying on Wales.' He was speaking ahead of a debate in the House of Commons on the impact of UK Government policies on Wales.

Most people in Wales are worse off - £1600 on average worse off. Wales is losing more in the social security cuts than any other part of Britain. More disabled people affected by the bedroom tax. We know in our community that the reality of a Tory government is that it is like a virus preying on Wales.

– Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary

Time to work together on the NHS says Welsh Government

A Welsh Government source says it's time for the Welsh NHS to stop being used as a political football. The comments came following the latest criticism during Prime Minister's Questions of Labour's record in running the health service in Wales.

You can read details and watch the exchange by clicking here. A spokesman for the Welsh Health Minister said:

In response to the NHS in Wales being raised yet again in PMQs, a Tory candidate in Birmingham said he was unhappy with the way the issue was being used as a political football. Dr Luke Evans is also a GP. We’d agree with his statement that the NHS in England and Wales face similar pressures, and we should be working together where we can to address those issues.

– Spokesperson for the Health Minister

This is the tweet referred to in that statement.


Tory MP claims mother 'died under the Welsh NHS'

A Conservative MP has told the Commons that her mother 'died under the Welsh NHS.' The MP for St. Albans, Anne Main, who was born in Cardiff, said an inquest into her mother's death found that ambulances 'routinely had kit that hadn't been checked.'

She made the comments during Prime Minister's Questions and ahead of a Labour debate in the chamber on the effect of UK Government policies on Wales.

In response David Cameron said there should be a debate on the health service in Wales which he said is 'in trouble.'

Criticism of Labour's record of running the Welsh NHS are a regular feature of Prime Minister's Questions. Labour has called the attacks a 'war on Wales' but the UK Government says it's legitimate scrutiny of political decisions by the Welsh Government.


Caerphilly community is most deprived in Wales

A community in Caerphilly has been ranked as the most deprived in Wales.

The area labelled as St. James 3, which includes the Lansbury Park estate, has taken the top position in the new Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation.

This is part of the St. James 3 area, which official figures say is the most deprived in Wales. Credit: Google Street View

The index for 2014 - released today - measures factors like income, housing, health, education and access to services.

2011's most deprived community, in Rhyl West, is now in second place.

Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil have the highest concentration of deprived communities across Wales.

Welsh honey bees' 'good crop for 2014'

Credit: Henning Kaiser/DPA/PA Images

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) says better weather and better beekeeping have upped honey production

It says beekeepers across Wales have reported an average yield of 26lbs of honey per colony this year according to the annual Honey Survey.

That's an increase of almost a fifth on the 22lbs per colony reported by beekeepers in Wales in 2013, and is a far cry from the 10lbs per colony in 2012.

Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/PA Images

Conducted by BBKA amongst 2,000 beekeepers across the UK, the annual Honey Survey explores the current year’s honey yield and the factors affecting honey bee colonies and honey production. It shows a rise in British production.

While this increase is great news for beekeepers and honey bees, the historic average is 40lbs plus per hive so there is still some way to go if we are to return to our most productive....

– Tim Lovett, BBKA Director of Public Affairs
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