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Mission to improve children's reading in Wales launched

A campaign to improve the standard of reading among 11-year-olds in Wales launches today.

It's hoped children's reading abilities can be improved across Wales Credit: PA

The group Read On. Get On, is taking the lead in efforts.

Every year in Wales around 40% of 11-year-olds have a reading age below their chronological age according to a 2010/11 report from Estyn.

Another study by UK Read On.Get On. coalition found that GDP in 2025 could be £32 billion higher if action had been taken to ensure that all children were reading well by the age of 11.

Don't forget! New car tax disc rules in force from today

Paper tax discs become obsolete from today Credit: PA

From today paper tax discs on cars will become obsolete and will be replaced with an electronic register.

According to recent figures, more than a third of us don't know about the changes. The authorities say they will save money and make it easier to detect untaxed vehicles.

For more on what it all means for you, click here.


Have you been affected by Japanese Knotweed?

There are concerns mounting over a type of plant known as Japanese Knotweed which is growing out of hand across Wales. The plant can damage the foundations of houses causing them to lose some value.

Read More: Concerns over Japanese Knotweed growths in Wales

The weed can easily spread and is becoming a problem across Wales. Credit: PA

We want to hear from you, across Wales, and whether you have been affected by the weed.

You can get in touch with us in the following ways:


Smokers urged to quit with Stoptober campaign

Stoptober is one of the largest campaigns encouraging smokers to quit Credit: PA

Smokers in Wales are being urged to quit smoking with the start of the annual Stoptober campaign.

The campaign aims to help smokers understand the reasons why they smoke and encourage them to kick the habit.

Research has shown that people who stop smoking for 28 days are five times more likely to give up full time.

WRU: 'Record re-investment into the game'

Credit: PA

The WRU says re-investment into the game by the governing body is at record levels.

During the last financial year the WRU allocated £22.5 million into rugby an increase on the previous period at £22.1 million.

In this year's annual report the WRU also posted a profit before tax of £2.4 million on a turnover of £58.5 million for the period.

The total rugby allocations stand at just over £4.3 million for the community game, £1.1 million for the Principality Premiership and £17.1 million for the Regions in Wales.

It also says during the year the repayable bank debt was reduced to £15.0 million.

Bluebirds pick up a point at Brighton

Jones was on target for Cardiff. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Cardiff picked up a draw away at Brighton in the Championship this evening, with both goals coming mid-way through the first half.

Brighton defender Bruno scored for the home side after 20 minutes, before Bluebirds forward Kenwyne Jones equalised just a minute later.

The point is the fifth gained in the league under caretaker bosses Danny Gabbidon and Scott Young and moves Cardiff up to 13th in the League.

Elsewhere Wrexham scored late on to beat Kidderminster the Conference.

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