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Anglesey councillors warned not to 'revert to old ways'

Local Government minister Carl Sargeant told AMs that the transfer of power back to councillors will begin at the start of October. But he also issued this warning:

Commissioners will continue to have the power to override any Council decision which goes against the advice of statutory officers and will monitor progress. They will report to me if they believe recovery is faltering and, if the Council reverts to its old ways, I will not hesitate to act.

Anglesey councillors 'may be ready' to resume control - minister

Power to run the troubled Anglesey council will begin to return to councillors, according to the local government minister. Carl Sargeant told AMs that the authority had made a great turnaround' since 2011. He described political groups on the island as 'stable' and their relationships 'cordial.'

The minister said he'll begin to withdraw commissioners he appointed to run the council, adding that if it remains stable until May, he'll end the Welsh Government's intervention altogether.

  1. Adrian Masters

Troubled council to begin move back to democratic control?

There may be some good news for Anglesey council in the Senedd later. The troubled authority is under the control of commissioners appointed by the Welsh Government following concerns about the way it's run and recently saw a second intervention because of education failures.

The Local Government Minister, Carl Sargeant, will make a statement to AMs this afternoon in the light of the Commissioners' latest report which has found significant improvements. It recommends reducing the government's intervention beginning on October 1st.

I understand the ministers' statement this afternoon could see him give the thumbs up to those recommendations. The commissioners say they've started using the term 'New Anglesey' to refer to the changes in the way it's run. Could this afternoon see a new phase for New Anglesey?